Rumour: proper Skype app to bring cut-price chatting to your Nok

The Internets are all aflutter with the news that a native Skype application for Symbian phones is about to drop any day now. Why? ‘Cause it means super-cheap phone calls over Wi-Fi or 3G, that’s why!

The clever thing about Skype is that it uses voice over IP (i.e. the Internet rather than mobile networks) and, although you have to be a fully signed-up member to use it, it can save you tons of money, especially on long-distance calls to another Skype signee. And Skype is the daddy of voice over IP services, so news that it could be about to hit Nokia handsets is a pretty big deal.

There’s no official word from anybody on this yet, but journo Markus Göbel claims he was told about it at the Mobile World Congress a couple of weeks back, and also that it’s not being launched by Skype themselves. We’ll keep you posted on any further news…


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