Exclusive: N-Gage camera games and GPS action

Sure, N-Gage is forging a fresh path on the portable gaming landscape, but we’ve just discovered that Nokia’s new gaming platform promises some seriously exciting twists on the journey ahead. Games that use your camera phone’s talents, location-based action, plus adventures that could tap into your contacts book contextually. Fact is, here’s a gaming service uniquely built on top-end convergence Nseries devices, all exploding with serious tech talents, and Nokia is dead set on exploiting these hi-tech features for the good of thumbkind. It’s official…

We caught up with Will Shen, N-Gage Head of Production in North America (the guy behind all the first-party launch titles), who confirmed that they’re looking at creating games that harness the power of your built-in camera, GPS receiver and any relevant skill your handset may possess that could help inspire and execute innovative games. We’re talking titles that will enable you to take shots on your camera phone to interact within adventures! Shen explained an N-Gage game could potentially use clever techniques to interpret the histogram extracted from a photograph to interact with characters in a game. Shen’s example being, “a monster you could feed photographs”, presumably requiring you to take shots of appropriate real-life items while you’re out and about. Sounds like a crazily innovative approach to Tamagotchi-style games, but no matter how it’s realized the point is that Will Shen and the rest of the brains behind N-Gage aren’t just pushing the mobile gaming envelope, they’re aiming to fire the envelope out of a frickin’ canon.

Shen also stated that Nokia is seriously looking at location-based gaming via GPS, but level-headedly emphasizing that the “focus is on innovation”, and not gimmick gaming. Similarly, he echoed last week’s news of plans for touchscreen N-Gage gaming and even the possibility of first and third-party accelerometer-based games for Nseries devices with the capability.

So with around 50-60 games slated for launch on the N-Gage platform within its first year, we’re not going to be short of killer titles Shen promises. He assured us they’ll be no “filler content”, reemphasizing Nokia’s commitment to making N-Gage a truly innovative stomping ground for gaming. We’ve got itchy digits just thinking about it.

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  • George

    Unfortunately, the apple is giving a show for games, for 3 reasons

    1 – The games are released quickly
    2 – The graphics are 10 times more superior to the games n-gage because the 3D accelerator
    the N-Gage games to be weak enough that
    the normal versions symbian
    3 – Many of quality releases. as
    Fast and the Furious: Pink Slip, Ferrari GT: Evolution, Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes,
    Hero of Sparta, Need For Speed Undercover among many others

    N-Gage? Is?

  • http://net9.blogspot.com/ Derek

    There really needs to be an easy way to migrate profile and games to another phone when users decide to upgrade phones. Until Nokia gets serious about this issue, I won’t invest in as many games as I’d like to.

  • George

    I like those of the n-gage … but my cell
    nokia after the launch of the i-phone and iPod games
    I’m using only listen to music, make calls, take pictures and then you play
    the i-pod toush and better in graphics, and only
    look that you will see what I mean

  • umairkhan

    please if you can also introduce physical vouchers for n-gage game activation codes and please introduce that if you buy one game its code also be available for activation for another handset if you change the n-gage device i hope if you can introduce

  • edy_3dz

    And what about hardware accelerated games?

  • bharath

    need a new full version games….