Comes with Music, building a library part 1

Right, as Mike said last week, we’ve armed ourselves with some Comes with Music devices and accounts and we’re embarking on a year long tirade to see if this thing lives up to the hype. As he mentioned, I’m an already evangelical convert, so not much of a challenge there for me. The service appeals to my rather tight-fisted nature, for every 80 pence I don’t spend on a song, can go towards one third of my next pint. There is currently a little over 11GB worth of music sitting in my copy of iTunes and I’m going to try and replicate the whole catalogue with Comes with Music. Starting today. I’ll be recording bonuses along the way for albums it has, which I don’t and knocking marks off for vice versa. Please though, don’t abuse my rather eclectic music taste. You might see some surprises along the way, don’t be worried, just consider me somewhat musically inept.

First up, Amy Winehouse. I’m not a huge fan but my Mrs really wanted her first album so it’s in the collection. Worth noting that anything I deem unpopular will be referred to as belonging to my Mrs, or my children – whichever is more appropriate. CwM trumps my meagre basic first album, offering a range of two version of Back to Black (I’ve taken the Deluxe one with 19 tracks – better value!) and a whopping four versions of “Frank”. Again, I’ve had the Deluxe one with a stomping 31 tracks. 1-0 to CwM then.

I was going to skip this one to save embarrassment, but buoyed by my greed-filled success with Winehouse, I’ve decided to trump my meagre two Alanis Morisette tracks with the more comprehensive eight albums available on CwM. I’m not a huge fan, but I suspect this could be handy when we’re next having a party. I’ve just had a thought – my B&W Zeppelin has an aux socket and my 5310 has a stereo out. No, not as elegant as my 32GB iPod touch, but I’d have to pay plenty to fill that puppy up.

Now there’s a good reason to have Andrea Bocelli on anyone’s playlist. I don’t feel the need to justify it, other than saying it’s an occasional, rather than regular, listen for me. Romanza is his first album and the only one I have on iTunes. Unfortunately, Bocelli has 16 albums available on Comes with Music. I can’t possibly download them all. I didn’t think I’d need to be selective this early in the process. I’m betting Sultans of Ping will be nowwhere to be seen when I eventually get to it, we’re still on pretty popular stuff right now. I’m going to have four of Andrea’s finest and move on. I can’t take the strain. The Best of…, Amore (because I like the name), Aria and Romanza are all downloading now. Oddly, the UK version of the album entitled Andrea is greyed out and not available for download. No matter, there are plenty of alternatives, but I’ll be keeping an eye on that one. Deserves a minus point I think.

Ooh, found a hole. Arctic Monkeys, the first band on the list I actually feel comfortably owning is noticable only by its absence from CwM. That’s a big docking of points there and needs to be sorted, somehow. A quick check on iTunes shows there’s plenty on offer from the Monkeys on that side of the bridge.

Say what you like about Pete Doherty, but I quite like the Babyshambles and trumped my two “free with the Observer” tracks with two whole albums worth from Comes with Music. Shotter’s Nation and Oh What a Lovely Tour are now downloading and will soon be waiting to be played. This ain’t bad so far, four out of five is a decent hit rate, we’ll have to see how it plays out. Only another 172 artists to check off from my list. I can’t wait.

  • jbc

    Fair point. But they\’re popular, and should be on there – it\’s not like they\’re anti digital or owt.

  • Will H

    I would argue that the lack of Arctic Monkeys is actually a good thing…