Nokia’s future roadmap revealed?

It’s probably best to have the salt ready, just in case, given that the following information comes from an anonymous tipster. But if you want to hear about Nokia’s top secret plans for the next six months are, then it’s all here apparently.

Engadget Mobile was lucky enough to be furnished with this super secret list of forthcoming handsets, which it duly published. Click on if you want to know what’s meant to be coming next.

The list starts with models we already know about – like the N96, N85 and 5800. This could either prove its authenticity or they could have just been added in there to make it a more convincing hoax.

Spinning on slightly into the future, there’s a new touch screen Nok scheduled to pop out just before Christmas, codenamed IP08. If you’re a more megapixels kind of person, then you’ll need to wait until early next year for the first 8-megapixel Nok codenamed Corolla. Other than those highlights, it’s mostly product revisions and slight updates.

(via Engadget Mobile)