Nokia 5800 best free apps on Ovi Store

Ovi Store launched this week and with it came a whole host of apps and utilities for us to download. Sure, we’ve seen some of these before but we thought it time to check out what Week One of Ovi Store has to offer those looking for a freebie or two!

This is the first week of Ovi Store and while there have been a few teething troubles getting the service up and running, they seem to be getting sorted quickly.

We reported a couple of weeks ago that Ovi Store would launch with around 1000 apps and it seems we were right, as a quite look around offers up nearly 1000 different apps for our Nokia 5800. We were disappointed to find that most of the content that people seem to have uploaded so far has been rather tacky wallpapers for £1, not what we were expecting when Nokia asked for developers to get involved!

However, there is plenty of content on Ovi Store and more being added all the time. We thought we’d take a look around and check out the best free software that is current showing up as ‘Recommended’ on Ovi Store.

WorldMate 2009



This is an app that wants to ‘simplify your travel’. It does this by turning your Nokia 5800 into an personal travel assistant, offering real-time Flight-alerts for over 350 airlines. You can look up flights from every every commercial airport in the world, as well as check out the weather in the destination you’re about to hit. Other features include a World Clock and even a Currency Converter.

AP News



AP News has been designed specifically for use with your Nokia 5800 and allows you to tap into its newsfeed and interactive photo galleries. Putting the marketing spin to one side, this is a great resource that gives you the latest headlines, as well as allowing you to pass them on to friends with one click.

Qik – Share Live Videos



Looking for a quick and easy way to use the video camera on your Nokia 5800 and stream the feed online? Qik is that tool and the fact that it’s free is something of a mystery to us, as stuff like this usually costs! Qik can be embedded into your personal blog, MySpace, Orkut or Facebook page, as well as allowing you to spread the word via Twitter and Share on Ovi.




If you like to share information with your friends and vice versa about where you are, where you’ve been and the experiences you had there then you need Buddycloud. This app is a mobile social location platform and an Open location API that allows you to add comments about places you’ve been, helping your friends get a better idea of where is fun or interesting to check out.




Make the most of the GPS tracking in your Nokai 5800 with this app that allows you to time alsorts of racing and outdoor events. The features allow you to analyse lap times, making it perfect for motor sports, or those who like to circuit train. Apparently, this version is good until October 31th 2009 when the license expires, after which an updated version will need to be downloaded.

So, what do you think. Have you tried any of these apps yet, or are they other tools on Ovi Store you prefer? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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  • selva

    hi supper

  • marwan

    thanx aLOT for thes geat progrAm thanx

  • dean

    Currently the best games on the store:

    Raging Thunder, Armageddon Squadron, Wave Blalzer and ToonWarz

  • James

    all the people on this site who are disrespeccting the 5800 need help! its an amazing phone. Loads of people told me not to buy it because it crashes all the time, but I haven’t had a crash yet and it’s a great phone. The apps obviously aren’t as good as the iphone ones, but i have an ipod touch for the better apps. And an ipod touch and a 5800 still cost less than an iphone! Think about it peoples. Dumbass iphone lovers……………it’s a piece of crapola

  • Asim

    Why is every retard saying “it’s not as good as the apple apps store”. Of course not they were first to initialise the concept and have more developers working on applications. I feel nokia is just playing catch up at the moment in terms of providing an extensive app store like the iPhone, but they might not have bothered at all. So obviously its not going to be as good or better so live with it. Quality company that Nokia is ive no doubt the only way is up for their admittedly lame ovi store. The actual n97 mini i got recently hasnt ceased to impress me in terms of its features despite claims the symbian OS is inferior to later versions ive had no problems, also i dont spend all my life looking for phone apps anyway. Sigh..materialistic lames its not about what your friend has but what suits your needs..IMO iPhone is of course a great phone but beware the bandwagon that it is currently “the only phone to buy”, a patently false claim there are loads of great smartphones out there.

  • Stephen

    Better battery life, better sound from the unit, great touch screen, and its NOT made of GLASS! more robust, more customizable, and HEAPS of cool apps.

    How is iPhone better?

  • chuk fiz

    its so 5800 is the ishhhhh…some of the applications though are wack but heh…free ryt..and the wallpapers are lousy and expensive and the free wallpapers are way cooler..anyway,why would someone want to have the iphone now with this great applications..i almost dumped this phone because it was always scrambling,still does but i could really steeped itup a notch with this ovi store…

  • bob ama

    It\’s half the price of the iphone and has way better hardware features. Of course the iphone os is slightly better, I wouldn\’t expect anything less, especially given the huge price.

    Compare the features here

  • mand.e

    honest to God, the Ovi Store is bar none to the evolutionary world of tech, so why on earth do they have to go and launch an app store for Nokia which makes it look like a dumb piece of crap next to Apple Apps store? everytime i open the Ovi Store, i feel this sense of regret for buying my 5800. i try to love it as much as i can but everything about the 5800 is spelling ‘suck’. the apps are more useless and unattractive than the iPhone is. it makes the the developers of the iPhone apps look like a bunch of geniuses. nokia better step their game up before their users shift to iPhone or some others!

  • rich

    oh by the way nokia is from the eu and it has some intresting things about it i must agree it simlar to the I phone but has the basic controlls that make nokia so simple to use a must have phone

  • Elderberry

    Watching Nokia implode hurts…. A good company with management trapped in the 20th century. But them commiting suicide will still not get me to buy American. if I can buy European then it would have to be Asian

  • Alonso

    I love the Nokia 5800. A fabulous alternative for the overly hyped iPhone. Camera, Audio Player, Touch screen, Nice resolution. This will be my next phone, definately.

  • was a fan

    oh dear… how can management at nokia let this thing out.. Steve would know better..

  • Brendon

    What is Ovi store!!!

  • nokia5800

    > offers up nearly 1000 different apps for our Nokia 5800.

    what are you talking about ? I’m in the US and I see only 173 items under ‘application’ category.
    … and 100 items under ‘games’ category.

    So much for the initial claim of 20000 items coming to ovi store… doesn’t compare in any way to Apple store. To add insult, lot of games and apps are using Java and they are not even categorized properly. There is no way to distinguish native apps/games and Java ones. Ovi store 1.0 is a big FAIL.