Nokia N97 – SIM memory full and what to do

As with any new phone, the Nokia N97 is very much a work in progress and while most of the known bugs have been fixed courtesy of the recent Nokia N97 firmware v11.0.021 update, there seems to be a slight problem with the SIM card’s memory reading as full. It’s the same problem that bugged the Nokia 5800 SIM and has the same fix. Find out what to do when your SIM memory is full…

The recent Nokia N97 firmware v11.0.021 update fixed many of the known bugs with the stability of the device but there is a problem with new devices that first appeared on the Nokia 5800. The problem with the Nokia N97 consists of a small flashing envelope in the top right-hand corner. This problem has been brought to our attention by a number of users but there is a very simple workaround.

This flaw shows up as a small flashing envelope in the corner of the screen. Typically, this should mean the SIM memory is full but in some cases, empty slots are not being recognised.

It’s a very simple process to free this up. First go to into Messaging on your Nokia 5800, select Options and then SIM Messages. At this stage you need to delete all the SIM messages. This will stop the envelope from flashing and will also correct the error.

We’d like to thank NokNok user MoxyNZ for bringing this to our attention – good call fella!

  • Mikey_Bee

    Glad we could help :)

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    thanks!! its help a lot

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    thanx buddy my big problem now solved thanx again jan

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    Yup! very cool work-around. Thanks

  • PI

    thank you for the advice. It solved my problem with the little envelope that blink in the corner on my phone – N97

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    Fab, cheers for the info, fixed the problem straight away

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    Thank you very much..!! Fixed it.

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    Thanks this has been worked out but I always loose my photos I don’t what happens any advise pse.

  • Krishna

    I never had this problem before, because I never saved my messages to SIM. But I decided to switch my SIM to some other phone for a period of about 1 month. Then, when I switched my SIM back into my N97, I had this \"blinking message\". THANKS A LOT noknok!!!!
    When I opened the messages from SIM like noknok asks us to, I saw that there were several messages. Given that the SIM had only 64K memory, I feel that the warning message was reasonable. Thanks once again noknok… Krishna

  • http://google anne

    hi,,i’ve tried all the steps and options you’ve mentioned..but my problem wasnt resolved..although the blinking envelope disappeared, another problem occured,,i can’t send a message anymore..
    there are no messages and contacts saved in the sim.ive deleted files also..when i tried the
    oprtions >>SIM Messages,,an error message pop ups..

    “General: Memory Full. Close some applications and try again.”

    i dont know what to do anymore,,the option left is to reformat my hopeless..;((


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    Thanks a lot! It helped solve the same problem with my E52!