…And the survey says: Nokia N900 is a developers dream!

Nokia N900 Review (First Impressions)The Nokia N900 has landed and clearly represents a break in convention for Nokia by moving away from Symbian and into new and exciting territory. However, it needs more than just the press onboard to be a success. Fortunately, a recent survey of developers has shown that it’s not just us that is excited about the Maemo powered Nokia N900. Read on after the jump for more details…

Because the Nokia N900 is based on a Linux OS it is completely open-source, which means apps no longer have to be based solely on the Symbian platform. In this sense, the N900 opens up Nokia to a whole new cattle of developers, which means a load of new, innovative, and useful applications, widgets and features for the N900. But don’t just take our word for it…

According to a recent survey conducted by Mobile Industry Review, upwards of 44 per cent of developers are “excited” about the prospect of developing for the Maemo 5 platform. The survey asked 500 developers, so in this sense, it was a bit of a drop in the ocean, when compared to the vast amounts of developers the world over.

Nevertheless, 44 per cent is a very respectable number, and is surely only going to increase once the Nokia N900 and its Maemo 5 platform have had a chance to impress following its full roll out.

Overall, this seems like a very promising start to us. Granted, 95 per cent would have been a better number, but that’s hardly a realistic figure – especially when you consider how pessimistic people are nowadays. In short, the future looks bright for the N900, and if these figures are anything to go by, the Maemo 5 platform should be inundated with apps, widgets, and features in no time at all.

What do you think? Any developers out there? Are you excited about the prospect of developing for the Maemo 5 Platform? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Via: Mobile Industry Review