EXCLUSIVE: Nokia N900 delayed until 4th December

Nokia N900 delayed until 4th December Due to unprecedented demand, Nokia has been forced to delay the on-sale date of the Nokia N900 by a week. This means we won’t see the new Maemo tablet on the high-street until the 4th December. The good news is: if you played clever and pre-ordered your device then you should receive it in the next day or two! Find out more about the Nokia N900 being in short supply…

Nokia N900 fever has gripped the country, with demand for the Maemo 5 tablet far outstripping Nokia’s current supplies. So much so that the decision to delay the on-sale date until the 4th December has been made.

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Nokia has been in touch to inform us that the Nokia N900 has had so many pre-orders made via Nokia Online, as well as through Nokia Flagship stores in London, Manchester and Terminal 5, that Nokia is finding it hard to meet demand. So much so that they’ve been forced to give priority to those customers who pre-ordered the device.

Working on a strict first-come-first-served basis, anyone who has already pre-ordered the Nokia N900 should receive their device starting from today. The decision to fulfil pre-orders has forced Nokia to delay on the on-sale date until the 4th December.

The Nokia N900 is the new 3.5-inch touchscreen device running the Maemo 5 operating system and comes with a fantastic QWERTY keyboard, 32GB of memory and ARM Cortex-A8 processor. It is set to go on sale for £499 (inc. VAT) SIM free.

So, did you play it clever and get your Nokia N900 pre-order in nice and early? If you’ve already received your device let us know how you’re getting on with it!

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  • http://www.nokian910.com leigh
  • http://www.nokian910.com leigh

    nokia n910 i think migth run meamo 6 too…

  • nilesh sutar

    Hi evryone,

    Do anyone have idea when will it be available in australia??? Seems like nokia just forgot down under like it doesnt even exist….

    Pretty sad.

    Holla anyone.

  • Robbbbb

    Pre-ordered my n900 in mid september on MobilePhonesDirect.com and still haven’t got it………………..If its not here by the time it goes on sale in shops i’m gonna write a letter of complaint! =)

  • Estee

    Can anybody tell me when the Nokia N900 will be available in South Africa?

  • maxx

    I pre-ordered mine on monday this week from AMAZON. Still hearing nothing though. All I heard that the next shipment is on the way and expecting to get the device before xmas period. But the status said on the receipt is “The device will be available after 25th December” that is from Amazon.com

  • Mikey Bee

    So the system is working, glad people are getting the N900 and feeling happy with it – it’s an amazing device!

  • llaadd

    Well If you are like myself and pre-ordered around mid to end of October time, you should get one Friday…I’v got confirmation of shipment and due to get on Friday :D (Watching the tracking now lol!!!)

  • dassvision

    It sems just fantastico..with32 GB of memory and …a lot of honey —the BEST am sure!..A new Generation..WOWWW..

  • RJ

    ordered from expansys.co.uk 2 months ago…..still waiting…….says 4 days on order status….I will report back when I get a despatched status…..

  • Aziz

    i am living in the UAE, got my N900 since this monday (23rd Nov) from Nokia Shop (i pre-ordered from the shop early this month)

    it is amazing in every way, one aspect they need to improve is the phone functionality

    the rest i couldn’t ask for more (Browsing, Music, Video, Camera , …etc)

    even the battery is amazing, i leave it connected online since the morning with random use (browsing, IM, Download, calls) and it lasts almost the whole day

    wish you all to get your orders soon

  • Mikey Bee

    Sorry to hear that CJM, but this is about the UK Nokia N900 shortage – sounds like the N900 has got a lot of people excited the world over!

  • CJM

    Yeah, I got my preorder in really early….and STILL waiting for this device to be shipped, while people in New York and Chicago are able to just walk in off the street and buy one on the spot. >:(