Download: Iyaz ‘Replay’

Nokia Single of the Week Iyaz is a rapper from the British Virgin Islands and his debut single, ‘Replay‘ can officially go down as the first Number One of 2010 NOT to be X-Factor related. It’s also become the Nokia Music ‘Hot Single of the Week’. Find out how you can download iYaz ‘Replay’ for free after the break…

Keidran Jones, better known by his stage name Iyaz, is a Virgin Islander singer and rapper and ‘Replay’ is not only his debut single but it’s also the lead track from his debut album, ‘My Life’ which will be released in March of this year.

The Iyaz single ‘Replay’ reached Number Two on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009 and has been released over here with similar success.

Now, to get your hands on iYaz ‘Replay costs just 79p, which is a great price for some unique tunes. However, if you subscribe to Comes With Music, Nokia’s all-you-can-eat download music service then you’ll be able to download iYaz ‘Replay for free!

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Check out the Iyaz ‘Replay’ Video: