Nokia 5800 Firmware Update Version v40.0.005

Nokia 5800 gets firmware updateThe Nokia 5800 has started to receive a firmware update, taking it from version 31.0.101 and we’re happy to say this is something a little more than a service update. Is this the update we’ve all been waiting for that will bring kinetic scrolling and the same UI as the Nokia X6 and Nokia 5530 XpressMusic? Join us after the jump to find out more about the Nokia 5800 firmware v40.0.005 update…

The Nokia 5800 has sold over eight million handsets in the 11 months it has been on-sale and in recent months owners have been getting a little vocal about updates – largely the fact that we hadn’t seen one for a while and that the device still lacked kinetic scrolling.

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Well, the good news is that the Nokia 5800 Firmware Update Version v40.0.005 brings with it not only the much wanted/needed kinetic scrolling update but also gives users the same Homescreen that has been seen on the Nokia X6 and Nokia 5530 XpressMusic smartphones. This means you’ll be able to add up to 20 contacts using the scrolling Contact bar, as well as have a far more optimised homescreen.

We’ve not had our update yet but are waiting eagerly for it to appear. In the meantime, check out the changelog and if you’ve already received the update, let us know if you’ve noticed anything different, in the Comments below.

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Changelog:

* Kinetic scrolling

* Home style widget with Nokia 5530

* if you rotate the phone horizontally, it automatically activates the QWERTY keyboard

* Refresh Icons “Sharing Online”, “Configuring Accessories”, “Configure Phone”

* Improved application “Updating Applications”, which also renames Upgrade SW

* The application “Data transfer” was also implemented in “Settings”

* Real Player Updated

* Touch more responsive

* Slide to Unlock during call

* Improved stability

* New contact & music widget

* Kinetic Scrolling is not available in main menu, application menu, browser.

* Home Screen similar to that of Nokia 5530

* Removed the alphanumeric keypad in landscape version, now when we turned the phone alphanumeric portrait changes to full qwerty

* New screen alarm, but only when the screen is locked

* New screen incoming call, also only when the screen is locked

* Ovi Contacts installed

* In the settings menu there is a new icon for ‘Phone Switch’

Via: tech-buzz

  • Jades1779

    can you tell me step by step?

  • harhar


    after i upgrade my n5800 to the latest firmware of v51 the screen got all messed, the lower part is not working and the screen is halfed, there is also a flickering moving object that randomly moved on the monitor. can anyone help me out?


  • safe

    hi i m using 5800xm adn i can not update my software throught mobi or pc….
    when i serch for update on my mobi its say serves not found…
    and i download updater it did not install its gives eror sory i m not good in english!!!!!!!!!

  • rahul sindhu

    i connected to ovi last nite.but when i checked for updates it said no updates current software is v30.0.001
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  • Amb

    Im from the philippines and when im updating its said their is no available updates please help! Please please i want version 4

  • richan

    no updates are available in my contry ..while i try to update it says up to date….

  • Phil

    please help! why is it that i cannot update my nokia 5800 to the latest firmware using Ovi or Nokia Software updater? It downloads the update, but when it reaches 20mb (downloaded), it stucks. How do i fix this? Thanks a lot!

  • benny

    hey…i’m from malaysia
    i saw some people nokia 5800xm can using Iphone theme or Myphone app!!!
    my nokia 5800xm version is v52.0.007
    so what version can use it…please tell me as fast as u can!!!

  • ALI

    How to update nokia 5800 plz help me anybody (‘-‘)

  • Karan srivastava

    best way to update my nokia5800 xpress music for free.

  • tharaka

    hey can i know whether all the contact numbers in the phonebook will be earased if i updated my nokia 5800 software?

  • bijaya ghimire

    i hv successfully upgraded my nokia 5800 to v40, but somehow the phone can not access the memory card and its contents.. all my songs and pictures r missing though the memory card shows the space occupied as usual
    pls someone help me.. i really dont want to lose my collection of songs (refreshing the list inside the gallery and removing/replacing the card hasnt helped me either, )

  • turksehri

    try updating using ovi suite instead of wifi, much safer.

  • turksehri

    it very nice tha

  • teruna

    saya menghadaoi masalah mengenai handset saya.bila saya sambung wayar usb nokia 5800 pada komputer …dia tak dapat berpungsi dan detek..npe?

  • Kartherajan

    Hi Friends,

    While receiving a call, the name and the number is not getting displayed. The display just shows ‘Call Calling’ :( Kindly anyone help me on how to solve this.TIA:)

    Reply to my id

  • MyTiBeeMi

    To all Filipinos in here, i just updated my 5800 with v50! so far, no problems nor corrupted files. I like! ;)
    try updating using ovi suite instead of wifi, much safer.

  • Ciouz Diendoh

    My fone was having a software problem, may be because i was trying to update the software through GPRS but the link was so slow that I have to stop, then I got this problem. So I went to Nokia Care for a free service, as my fone in under the warranty period…they took my fone with great care and updated the firmware to a new version i.e, V40.0.005. Now I feel like I’m having a new fone, with new widgets, better scrolling, etc. and I don’t need any third party software for widgets or shortcuts.

    But If it is preloaded with quickoffice and Adobe Reader LE, it will be much better…
    Thank to Nokia for the support.

  • Exnokiafan

    Threads like the one above are the reason nokia will be gone within the next few years. I have never owned a worse phone than this horrible piece of plastic. Despite it’s countless bugs i haven’t once been able to download an update for the phone. I can’t enable web feeds, it has randomly deleted all of my messages and contacts on various occasions… I cannot wait to get rid of it.

  • http://noknok Joanne

    I am really confused. I have V21 and have had problems since the day i bought my Nokia 5800. Can someone please tell me if i can firstly update to the latest knowing i only have V21 and secondly will it fix all those annoying problems, frustrating problems.

  • iraz

    I have updated my phone but there is no any changing in living in sri lanka..plzz help me..i really want that home screen and scrolling…

  • deogracious ajoga

    hey folks, i did update mine to v.40.0.005 GREAT SCROLLLLLIN!! was so bitter coz of this very scrollin coz i was used to the samsung touch screens but now i feel happy abou this……wooowoiiiii!!.

  • john raafat


  • john raafat

    it very nice tha

  • RoyD

    Still no native SIP-client. How can Nokia be so arrogant to ignore the need of users. At first the Nokia N97 (also a S60V5 phone) didn’t also have a Voip (SIP) client, but Nokia added it later. Now one have the install a custom program like Fring to use SIP on a Nokia 5800. But I liked the native Voip client as present in other phone models. So Nokia, PLEASE enable the native Voip SIP client in future firmware releases!!

  • tim

    is this update available for users from england ? if yes can anyone give me a step to step guide on how to update the phone ?
    thnx for your help !!

  • ismail




  • http://facebook omar

    hey all i cant get my v.50 update…i have the navigation edition, i am living in pakistan and have v.21 can anybody help????=)

  • George Martin

    It’s been forever. I still can’t update my phone to v40
    And firmware v50 has already been released.
    This one hell of a turn off from nokia.

  • Mack Audin

    @ROY update your phone with nokia update software using your phone usb cable.

  • Mack Audin

    Just upgraded to the new firmware ( V50.0.005 ). I was trying to update by OTA but no success. Then updated with nokia upgrade software ( with usb cable). Now phone touch response is much much better and of-course, new home screen style is awesome. A very important update by nokia.

  • Viji

    The upgrade has good features. Nokia rocks :)

  • kissmo

    Will this work…? If it wont cause any serious problem to my mobile , i ll try it..

  • Chriz

    hmm.. yeah. me too.. i’m kinda scared to update my phone’s firmware.. don’t even know if it will work fine.. uhhmm.. I’m from PHILIPPINES. once, I went to the mall and asked if theres a new version for NOKIA 5800.. Yeah.. they said that there was. that happened couple of months ago.. v 40.0.005 is now available in philippines :))

  • JK

    Why would people want to update to newer version while older version is more stable???
    I\’m bit scared to update my phone since firmwares are seems to have bugs. Don\’t you agree?

  • Roy

    Hi Guys

    I bought the phone from dubai , when i try to update the phone , it gives me a message saying ” No Updates Available”

    Please confirm why this is happening , I still use the V21

  • Jatin

    @ vishal Just connect ur phone with pc….go to e drive ( card ) then private folder

    Open Windows Explorer
    – Opened E:\\\\Private folder
    – Opened 101ffca9 Folder
    – Deleted harvesterdb.dat file
    – Disconnect phone from PC
    – Turn device OFF then ON back again
    – Refresh the music library
    – Songs were added successfully

    Plz reply me….

  • JoeMas

    I live in Malaysia..I tried download this firmware thru software provided by Nokia and directly thru the phone..both can’t get it because it is still not available in Malaysia and when is it going to be available here?? is there any other method to update this firmware besides those two…cheers

  • vishal

    i hav updated my 5800 to ver 50 from ver 30 and volume of my cell is coming very low….nd music lib is not showing full content in list….now i want to move back to ver can i?…i’m very sad…plz help

  • p melbourne

    The video player will not play files i have been playing with no troubles for ages