Get Google Maps on your Nokia N900

google-maps-nokia-n900The Nokia N900 has received a host of updates over the past few weeks. While many of the updates have been firmware-related, we’re also starting to see more applications and features available for the Maemo 5 operating system, with Google Maps the latest addition. Read on after the jump to find out how to get Google Maps on your Nokia N900

With Google currently concentrating on its own Android operating system, support for Google Maps on the Maemo 5 operating system isn’t official. However, because the Nokia N900’s operating system is Open Source, it’s easy for individuals from the Maemo Community to come up with their own software. The result in this case is a browser-based Google Maps application.

It’s fully-featured, offering directions, layers – highlighting features like tube lines, Google Latitude – letting you work out exactly where you are in the world, and you’ll even find support for traffic information. Better yet, it all works in conjunction with the Nokia N900’s GPS chip.

Fone Arena advises taking a few additional steps to get GPS to work within your Nokia N900’s browser, as otherwise your handset won’t be able to find your location. First of all, you’ll need to download maemo-geolocation v1.1.3-1 – an extension that lets your browser find your location using your GPS chip.

To use Google Maps on your Nokia N900, visit Further functionality is provided by downloading this code, which lets you easily zoom in and out. Unlike native applications, you won’t be able to drag the map to scroll about, but it’s not a bad start considering the lack of support from Google.

  • ife101

    iMve downloaded the code that lets you zoom in but what do i do next. did not automatically instal so it doesnt work. help pleas :s

  • Damo

    You can actually drag around even easier… Pull the mouse in from the left hand side, and tap the icon that appears to lock it… There you go, click/drag enabled.

  • http://google jay

    hi i wont google map

  • Jeff Waller

    the scrolling tip is very cool.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the scrolling tip. That’s all I needed. Works fine in the Maemo browser as is.

  • alex

    the code (N900 Gmaps_zip) can not be unzip it gives me an error ” the zip appears to be incomplete or isn’t a zip file”. Please advised, how can I install it to my N900?

  • toucan

    you can drag map even easier by bring out arrow tap it to go to mapipulation mode then just drag anywhere

  • Phil B

    Thanks for that. What’s it like in relation to using a native Google Maps application – on a regular Symbian Nokia handset, for example? Any idea?

  • Roger

    You can actually drag map by bringing out the arrow and then holding the space key while dragging.