Nokia N900 to Get Ovi Maps 3.03

Nokia N900 to Get Ovi Maps 3.03Yesterday’s announcement that Ovi Maps 3.03 is set to offer free navigation caused a big stir in the industry, but enthusiasm was tempered somewhat by the fact that updated versions of Ovi Maps will initially only be supported by 10 smartphones. If you’re a Nokia N900 user, which runs Maemo 5 rather than Symbian, thankfully support is on its way. Read on to find out more…

At present, the latest version of Ovi Maps only runs on Symbian-based devices, with a limited number of handsets supported. With 10 models supporting the new app at present, Nokia is rolling out support for other models in the coming days and weeks, and you can expect to find the Nokia N900 among the smartphones set to benefit.

This is backed by what the Executive Vice President of Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, had to say at yesterday’s launch event. Vanjoki pointed out that “in later dates we will also be increasing the number of support for this [sic] and certainly moving forward it will also support Maemo”. He went on to point out that the lack of support for the Nokia N97 wasn’t an oversight, or that Nokia planned to drop the device, but that Ovi Maps 3.03 would be on its way to the N97 in the next week or so. We now know the reason the Nokia N97 delay.

Either way, it’s been a successful couple of days for Ovi Maps, and we’ve been most impressed by the updated software. Check out our Ovi Maps 3.03 review, and keep an eye out here in the coming weeks to find out if your handset is supported.

  • Brasil

    Nokia is right when they refer to this device as a Mobile computer. I’ve been using it for almost a week and it surpasses all my expectations, and bear in mind that Nokia will be pushing updates to the OS to make it even better.

  • noki

    what are you guys talking about? updated ovi maps is available.

    the N900 is not for average phone user. its for hackers and advanced users.

    FLASH support man!

  • Gilles

    I’ve been using n900 for 9 months now. For most parts good phone/mini computer. But 1 of the main features I bought it for : you can guess…. ovi maps. Nokia never delivered on their promises to upgrade to ovi maps 3. Ovi maps 1, with no off-line maps is totally useless, unless you want to pay a fortune on the datatraffic via your mobile operator. Furthermore, on wikipedia I read “On May 25, 2010, Nokia announced that future development for Maemo on the N900 would cease”.
    The ovi store for n900 also is a joke.
    Does nokia really think they can rip off their flag ship customers and get away with it ?
    Weird company that has “pissing off top customers” for a strategy …
    Or they get their act together and deliver the ovi maps 3 for maemo, or I’m never buying any nokia product again.

  • pat

    agree with Birger , but i have gone one better and sold my n900 as it was just no good to me, I like every one else on ere like to have a phone i can have a play about with when i’m on a train/boat waiting on something ect … but the main thing i do need in my phone is voice navigation as i travel alot with my job and when i’m driving in a city for the first time i really need it! so the n900 was just a brick to me a useless brick when i really needed it most! why well all because Nokia sold out to Sygic Mobile Maps, so if I want voice navigation on my n900 i have to buy it off them!! well as i said before there was only one way to go and that was sell the useless brick and get myself Xperia that i have even more fun with than the n900 anyway as it is well up to date for games surfing ect, well its everything i need in a phone anyway!
    I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A NOKIA AGAIN, for pulling this stunt end of! good luck guys

  • Birger

    I have to agree with Orwell. My N900 is very probably my last Noka, and I have had a few over the years.

    The N900 is a hoaks. Almost no applications in the store, a lousy old implementation of the OVI maps, no MMS, lousy battery life time.

    and on top of that…… Nokia will not support the phone with Meego.

    God , I feel like a fool bying this phone……

  • dencar

    Wasserkuhl, I agree with just about everything else you’ve said about the N900, but not this. Seriously, the one major shortcoming in this phone compared to my N86 is usable navigation provided by v3 of Ovi Maps. How hard can it be for Nokia to do this rather than consigning the otherwise great N900 to “niche” status?

  • wasserkuhl

    I don\’t think N900 owners have been shafted. If you want out of the box, pay for everything and have no effort/learning get an iphone! Its that simple! actually I should say get an N8 when its released… Seriously, the N900 was never meant to be a mainstream device, its for a niche market and commands learning and enthusiasm. If you guys want to sell me your N900\’s that would be great, I can then use them to flash meego on and test everything meego will give us……sorry if I sound curt but c\’mon, horses for courses….

  • Orwell

    After owning nokia phones for some years the N900 will be my last. As a lot of the post have said nokia have given up on the N900 they have lauched a smartphone that has no sync software with pc (or very very limited) there flagship navigation software is not availble and because Nokia has now launched Meego there are no major developers out there that really want to add/create main stream apps. I love the fact the nokia has had an opensource software but a mix of mainstream apps and other apps would have made this phone the great phone I thought it would become when I signed up for 24 months. while the hardware is great as the months move on there are other phones that i would rather have. I not a fan of the apple house and thier controlling ways. Maybe nokia needs to take lessons from the android house in half the time that nokia have been in the smartphone market andriod has developed a platform that is not only in muliple phones but is stable. So why is it that a market leader is still playing and dropping platforms not supporting customers.

  • Matthew

    I totally agree with Andrew_b. We N900 owners have been well and truly shafted. Nokia is not interested in us any more that’s why Nokia OVI suite has no support for the N900 & no OVI maps 3.03 (both should have been ready on first day of release). That is also why the N900 is not getting MeeGo as well. What company image does that give out to future customers & software developers if Nokia gives up on there flagship phone & NEW OS after a few months. You would think it be commonsense the upgrade the N900’s OS to MeeGo now so software developers can start makes software now giving a larger fully tested software library for the next Nokia N9xx series phone to access. This also has the benefit of only needing to support one OS and not multiple OS’s. Anyway this may well be the last Nokia phone I purchase.

    Anyhoo look at it this way giving what has/is happening with Nokia & Maemo, I give MeeGo and the next N9xx phone 6 to 12 months before Nokia looses interest and develops another OS.

  • Thomas

    Come on Nokia………..take care of your customers if you wanna keep in pace with Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zentenian

    I share completely previous guy’s opinion: rather than disappointed I’m really very angry; is this N900 the Nokia’s flagship or just a try of what Maemo 5 could take from the market? Wrong way Nokia, wrong way!!. We need apps like Ovi Maps 3 just now for our N900 … and some other frimware updates, like that to use the 2nd camera (videoconference?), some more features for phone calls (voice synthesis for incoming calls?), etc.

  • Andy

    Very very disappointed with Nokia – after an announcement in Jan 2010 that Ovi Maps 3 would soon be available on the N900 (one of the reasons I bought the phone!) … in May, 5 months later, and there is still no news…… I think this is the last Nokia phone I will be buying for a very long time :(

  • mahesh

    coooooooooommmmeeeeeee ooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn NOKIA……………….

  • Andrew_b

    Sorry guys, but I think we’ve just been shafted by Nokia. I bought the N900 on a 24 mth contract a week ago based on seeing Ovi Maps 3 on my wife’s 5800. At that time it was inconceivable that Nokia’s ‘flagship’ product wouldn’t get the new free voicenav service. And to think of all the hype and spin they’ve been peddling around the N900 and Maemo until Feb 14th!

    Since the MeeGo announcement it’s clear that Nokia are no longer interested in the N900, they’ve probably ceased production already. Sure, we’ll get trickle-down Qt apps from the new platform which ‘should’ be compatible with Maemo 5, so plenty of fart apps and such nonsense, but no useful stuff driven by the manufacturer. I don’t expect to see Fring completed now either, so no Skype Video Calls… Another reason for me choosing the N900.

    Thud, thud, thud. (the sound of my head banging against the wall)

  • ghazi

    still no news about the n900 getting ovi maps 3.03… its been a month since it came out for symbian, how much longer do we have to wait!

  • Jakub

    Any news on when the ovi maps 3.03 will arrive to N900?This is ridiculous, their top phone doesnt support their possibly main selling feature…

  • tallinie

    Currently N900 only has Ovi Maps version 1.01 while the newest one is 3.03 but… perhaps later this year ;)

  • Zoltan

    Of course the N900 will get it!

  • jave

    Excellent news! I love my new toy eh phone or/and computer. I am pretty sure that the n900 gets good support from nokia including the new os versions. This is simply best phone nokia has ever made. Easy to use and fast. Really cool to have standard open source os as a bonus with the latest hardware things you can imagine.

  • simon

    If you look on your Nokia N900 it already has it preinstalled

  • Nigel Jones

    Anssi just indicated that Ovi would go to maemo. Didn\’t say maemo 5? Or N900 did he?

  • Mohd

    I was about to buy the N900. But since the voice navigation is not supported on it. I am going to go with Android! What a shamed!! Since N900 is the only Nokia smart phone that supports the t-mobile\’s 3g network.

  • Tom

    He mentioned Maemo would get it, but not necessarily Maemo 5. Apparently its not even on the roadmap on N900. This is the one thing holding me back from purchasing a N900. Hopefully they will make clear soon if it will be due out on the N900 – Nokia would be stupid not too make it compatible soon

  • Benji

    this is awesome news. All the more reason to buy Nokia. I was about to get Sygic for my N900, but this news is finally a smart move from nokia. Of course it had to wait till Google and Android offered free navigation, but now is better than never.