Nokia C Series To Re-Invent ‘Classic’ Line

Nokia C Series To Re-invent 'Classic' Line Images that may or may not be the emergence of the Nokia C5 started doing the rounds yesterday but did anyone else notice that it looks cunning like an entry-level Nokia 6700 classic? Nothing wrong with that we say, after all the 6700 offers some top-smartphone-tech for those who don’t want a smartphone. So, does this mean the C Series is a re-working of the ‘Classic’ range, join us after the jump while we investigate…

News that Nokia had registered the C Series brand first emerged last year, at the same time as the Nokia X Series. Now, we know the X Series turned into a re-working of the XpressMusic line, bringing all the music phones into one collected theme.

However, no one really knew what the C Series was going to be and Nokia has never said anything at all about whether the name existed or not. Then came the leaked images of what is being called the Nokia C5 and suddenly it all makes sense – C stands for Classic.

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In the same way the Nokia X6 and the Nokia X3 have traces of their XpressMusic ancestry, the Nokia C5 has clear influences from the Nokia 6700 Classic, the body shape is the same but the metal body and aluminium keypad have gone, replaced by lighter materials.

This is all speculation on our part at this point, Nokia is staying quiet on this but all may well get revealed at Mobile Congress which is only a matter of days away. So what do you think, are we about to see a move away from the ‘classic’ branding to a simplified C Series? Let us know what you think in the Comments below.

Check out the Nokia C5 compared to the Nokia 6700 Classic: