Nokia Point And Find Tried And Tested

Point-and-find-posterWe’ve been keeping an eye on the Nokia Point and Find trial for a little while now, with the service currently being tested in Colchester. Point and Find effectively lets you point your Nokia at things you want more information on, and uses a clever mix of the camera, GPS, your internet connection and a database to deliver the information. Does it work though? Find out after the jump…

The Nokia Point and Find trial currently works around JC Decaux-sponsored bus stops, letting you point your Nokia at all manner of things – such as a movie poster – to get more information on it. In theory this can range from more information on the film itself, for instance, to where nearby cinemas are, and letting you book a ticket. There’s obviously a lot of difference between theory and reality, however, so does Point and Find actually work?

The guys over at Nokia Conversations actually went over to Colchester to try out the pilot, having first downloaded the beta version of Point and Find for the Nokia N95 handset they were using.

In basic form, the bus shelters that support Point and Find also feature a set of categorised icons, supporting News, Entertainment, Eating, Info and Travel. Point your Nokia at one of these icons, and it should provide you with relevant information about your surroundings so you won’t have to scour Google to try and find where to go or how to get there.

It works too, with the application sending links to local news websites when Nokia Conversations tried aiming their Nokia N95 at the News icon. Similar success was also had with the other icons, proving that in its simplest form, Point and Find has something positive to offer.

However, it’s the ability to point the phone anywhere else around you to get information that’s more exciting, and amazingly it also works just as well. Scanning adverts on bus shelters, for instance, takes you to the relevant website – which may sound simple but it’s taking a lot of technology to work out what your phone is pointed at and where you are.

Tried with a Maryland Cookies advert, the guys from Nokia Conversations were presented with all kinds of unusual information, including facts and details on the cookies, ingredients and packaging info, and a link to the company website.

Some aspects of the technology didn’t work quite so well, unfortunately, so as scanning a movie poster. Although this did indeed bring up a movie trailer to watch, along with more information, it was actually for the wrong film. Still, if the rest of the pilot is anything to go by it looks like a relatively easy fix.

Either way, Point and Find looks like it could have a very big part to play in our future, changing the way we gather information about the items and locations around us.

To find out more about the Point and Find trial, head over to Nokia Conversations