Nokia X6: How To Improve Battery Life

Nokia X6 Review (First Impressions) The Nokia X6 is a great device, offering touchscreen technology and the latest features at a competitive price. The features and large display can have an effect on battery life, however. Thankfully, with a couple of changes, you’ll be able to get considerably longer out of a single charge. Join us after the jump to find out how…

One of the biggest draws on battery power with your Nokia X6 is the large 3.2-inch screen, but it’s easy to make a couple of changes to eek out a longer battery life. The best way to improve power consumption is to dim the display, a change that won’t have any negative implication.

Open the menu, click Settings and then Phone and Display. You’ll then be able to change the length of time before the screen turns itself off – the shorter the better for a longer battery life. You’ll also be able to dim the display from here.

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It’s when it comes to features that your Nokia X6 also takes a battering in the mobility stakes, however. While options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are great for connectivity and functionality, having them turned on will also make the battery run out a lot quicker. Making sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off when they’re not in use will make a huge difference to battery life.

Finally, if you use your Nokia X6 for talking and messaging rather than browsing the web, you can also change the connection settings. A UMTS connection offers a much faster connection to the internet, but it also draws more power than the older GSM technology. From the menu, click Settings, Connectivity and Network. Change the network mode from Dual to GSM. You can change this back again if quicker speeds are required when browsing the net.

  • Jigs_2203

    i bought Nokia XC6-8GB last year…now its battery after full charge work only 8 or 10hours…i am use mobile for GPRS only 1 or 2hours….

  • Karthiga

    I noticed that 3G consumes more power than Wifi when syncing mails – always make sure that your nokia messaging etc uses wifi when available (saves a considerable amount of power)