Nokia C Series Launching at CeBIT Next Week?

Nokia C Series to launch CeBITIs Nokia looking to use next week’s CeBIT show over in Hannover Germany to announce the Nokia C Series of devices? We’ve had enough tantalising glimpses of the new series and devices and now even Nokia’s official blog has gotten in on the act. Read on to find out more about the Nokia C Series being launched at CeBIT.

Nokia is known for keeping tight secrets and never commenting on leaks but could Nokia Conversations, it’s own official blog, have outed the C Series? Today saw the first of the sites brand new newsletter and tucked away is a piece on CeBIT that reads:

‘This year’s CeBIT 2010 event swings open its doors on Tuesday morning in Hannover, Germany. The show runs from 2-6 March, so scribble it in your diary as we’ll be reporting from the frontline….   …Of course, we don’t comment on rumours or leaks, but we are looking forward to C BIT for the next series of Nokia announcements. Right we’re off to pack our rucksacks and lederhosen, C you there.’

Now, we’ve no more facts than that but it looks like a pretty clear calling card to us that something C-related is going to happen. Are we finally going to get to the bottom of the Nokia Mystic, Nokia C6/Nokia E73 debate and will we see the Nokia C5 in action? It looks like next week should be an interesting time.

What do you think, this looks legit to us or are we being led astray, let us know what you think in the Comments below.

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  • SymbianWorld

    Really loking forward to CeBIT. Hope to spott a new device

  • mjoa

    Can’t wait.. :)