Use Your Nokia N900 as a Remote Flash

Use-your-nokia-n900-as-a-flashIt really does seem that not a week goes by without somebody coming up with a new and innovative hack to get the best out of the Nokia N900. The latest is a hack that lets you use the Nokia N900 as a remote flash for your digital SLR, proving just how versatile this smartphone really is. To find out more, read on after the jump…

We’ve seen the Nokia N900 accomplish all manner of things – from running Mac OS X to controlling robots or acting as a Sony PS3 controller. Showing just what the Open Source Maemo 5 operating system is capable of, one clever hacker has managed to set up his Nokia N900 as a remote flash for a Nikon D40 camera.

The connection between Nokia N900 and Nikon D40 is a wireless one, using the Nokia N900’s infrared transmitter and an infrared receiver for the Nikon. With a widget that strobes the LED flash on the N900, and works in sync with the Nikon D40’s shutter, it allows for some really interesting lighting effects.

Check out the photograph above if you don’t believe us, or see the Nokia N900 working as a remote flash in the video below:

Via How To Do Something Differently

  • Phil B

    @ Big Rod. Check out the original article, the chap explains exactly what software is needed to setup your N900. You’ll also need a wireless adapter for your Nikon.


    EXCELLENT! I have a Nikon D200 and would like to use my Nokia N900 as a flash assist.


  • garyc

    Wow that is so amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

    what will they ever think of next ????? maybe they will get the N900 to sync with google apps or even exchange 2003, or hey they may even will get the contacts to show via bluetooth on my car the same way my $60 nokia does, but these are just outlandish i suppose, dancing robots and remote flashes are really what the masses want !