Nokia X6: Copying Contacts from Phone Memory to SIM card

contacts-nokia-x6The Nokia X6 is the latest touchscreen smartphone to be unleashed and whether you’ve bagged the 32GB Comes With Music or the slightly trimmed down Nokia X6 16GB edition getting the most out of them is easy and trouble free. However, first time users may be looking for a quick way to move their Contacts from the SIM card to the Nokia X6 in one easy step? Join us, as we show you how to copy Contacts from your Nokia X6 memory to the SIM card?

By default the Nokia X6 saves all contacts to the Phone memory. However, there may be occasions when you want to switch it to your SIM card memory instead. To change this go to Options>Settings>Default Saving Memory and choose where you want your contacts to be saved to.

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If you already have Contacts in the phone memory and want to copy them over to the SIM card, there is no direct button to move these over. However, there is a workaround and it’s a relatively straightforward one to carry out.

Go to Contacts on your Nokia X6 and then choose Options and find Mark/Unmark. Select Mark All and you’ll find a tick is placed against each of your contacts. Now, go back to Options and choose Copy from the menu. A dialogue box will pop up asking if you wish to send the selected contacts to your SIM card. Press OK and you’ll find they will be moved over.

Once you’ve copied all your contacts to the SIM card you’ll find that all entries now appear twice in the Contacts folder. This is because, by default, it shows the contents of both the phone and SIM card memories. To change this go to Options>Settings>Contacts to Display and choose which version you’d like to see.

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    Thanks so much! I simply couldnt figure it out and looked for ages on internet only to find 100s of people had the same problem, was close on giving up when I suddenly found this site and BINGO – in less than 30 seconds had copied all contacts from phone to sim. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!

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    Indeed, I have all my contacts on my SIM, how do I copy them to my new X6? Seems a huge oversight by Nokia if you can’t! Part of the ‘raison d’etre’ for SIM’s after all!

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