Nokia to Reveal Ovi Maps Integration Tomorrow – No New Hardware?

Nokia-to-reveal-ovi-maps-and-nokia-messaging-integration-april-13thWe’ve spent today getting rather excited about various Nokia launches tomorrow morning, but it looks like we could be in for a disappointment. While we were hoping for the launch of the Nokia N8-00, Nokia C3 or Nokia C6, it looks like tomorrow could be limited to some software announcements. To find out what’s going on, read on after the jump…

Tomorrow – the 13th April – seemed like a great day to launch some new smartphones, after all, things have been a bit quiet of late. Unfortunately, it looks like tomorrow’s event could be software only, with devices coming at a later date.

According to intomobile, tomorrow’s announcement will see the integration of Nokia Messaging and Ovi Maps. This is backed up by a Tweet from Mobile-Review, stating: “no devices as I see. Ovi Maps integration with Messaging.” Intomobile goes on to say that we will be seeing devices later this month, but we’ll be hugely disappointed if no new handsets are announced tomorrow.

With Symbian ^3 expected in the first quarter of 2010, it’s the perfect time for the launch of the Nokia N8-00, and we’ve been hearing rumours of the Nokia C3 and Nokia C6 for some time now, so ideally we’d like Nokia to reveal at least one of these handsets tomorrow morning.

Only time will tell whether the launch is for hardware or software only, however, so check back here first thing in the morning to find out what Nokia has planned.

Via intomobile