Nokia Tablet And FishLabs Have Gamers in Mind

The Nokia Tablet rumour seems to be gathering momentum at the moment and while there are still no firm details as to the hardware or whether the Nokia Tablet And FishLabs Have Gamers in Mind Nokia Tablet even exists, games developer FishLabs is working with Nokia on a ‘Big Screen’ project, which could well be the first signs of Nokia Tablet hardware. Read on to find out more about the Nokia Tablet and how it has games in mind…

Fish Labs, who brought us such games as Powerboat Challenge, Rally Master Pro, and Snowboard Hero for the Nokia N-Gage seem to be working closely with Nokia on new gaming opportunities. How do we know? Well a post has popped up on the Fishlabs blog stating “[we] are working on a AAA title closely together with Nokia featuring OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics for a large screen.”

Now, no screen size mentioned, and knee-jerk reaction would be to think this is for the Nokia N8, when it finally appears, but with rumours having this with a 3.5-inch screen, which is hardly ‘large screen’, it’s thought that we’re talking more tablet shaped in size.

What’s more, no details on the game are mentioned in the blog post but with OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics getting a look-in, it has to be something a little more impressive than the iPad, which can’t even handle Flash.

What do you think, could this be the first rumblings of a Nokia Tablet actually having legs – or in the case of Fish Labs involvements, fins, from the mighty Finnish phone firm? Let us know what you think in the Comments below.

Via: electronista