Download MeeGo v1.0 For Nokia N900

Download MeeGo v1.0 For Nokia N900 MeeGo v1.0 is now ready for the Nokia N900 and can be downloaded free from MeeGo. Following the news yesterday that Nokia would not be offering an update to MeeGo for the Nokia N900 it seems you can now download MeeGo v1.0 with full support for the Nokia N900. Read on to find out about the MeeGo v1.0 download for Nokia N900.

Want to get your hands on MeeGo v1.0 for Nokia N900? Well it seems you can now, as the guys over at MeeGo have released full details of the software for the Nokia N900 as well as for Atom-based netbooks.

MeeGo v1.0 is based on Kernel version 2.6.33 and come with a DeviceKit and udev for interacting with hardware devices. Voice and data connectivity with Connman connection manager comes integrated, as does Ofono telephony stack and BlueZ Bluetooth.

You’ll find Qt 4.6,Universal Plug and Play (gUPnP) and even next generation file system BTRFS, as the default file system, which quite frankly sounds above our level of understanding but if it gets MeeGo up and running on the Nokia N900 then that can only be a good thing. More details can be found in the Core release notes.

It’s also been reported that MeeGo will be working to a six-month schedule, so we can expect to see the move to MeeGo V1.1 happening in October of this year.

Anyone tried out MeeGo V1.0 on their Nokia N900 yet? Let us know how you got on and send us some images of it in action, we’d love to see how it handles.

DOWNLOAD: MeeGo V1.0 for Nokia N900

Via: MeeGo

  • Julian Lam

    btrfs is a promising new file system in terms of speed and reliability. Good on MeeGo!

    So far, it sounds promising, even if it’s a cli-only version. Hardcore linux geek here… how will I answer my phone, by running a terminal command?

    I like that ;)

  • MrL

    fair point to make that it’s above you’re level of understanding.

    the release is purely for developers and runs completely from the terminal i.e. no graphical user interface as yet.