Nokia N9 or Nokia C9: Leaked Photos Let You Decide!

Nokia N9 or Nokia C9: Leaked Photos Let You Decide! The Nokia N9 has reportedly been leaked, but then again it could well be the Nokia C9, or some other as yet ‘unannounced’ C Series device. At this stage it seems a little too hard to tell. Why’s that you may be thinking? Join us after the break and find out why the Nokia N9 could well be the Nokia C9….

Images of what is being seen as possibly the Nokia N9 or the Nokia C9 were leaked on to the web over the weekend and while the photos look remarkably like the leaked Nokia N9 video from a couple of weeks back, it would seem this device is running Symbian^3 operating system and not the MeeGo OS the Nokia N9 is reportedly thought to sport.

What’s more, with no name on the device, other than C0, it would seem likely that this could be the next high-end C Series device we’ve been waiting for. Then again, the software quotes Model: N00, so the mystery takes another turn just to keep us guessing.

Whether it’s the Nokia N9 or the Nokia C9 this still looks like a close-to-finished smartphone. The Symbian^3 OS is dated April 2010, so it’s quite an old build by current standards but it’s the hardware that looks the most intriguing. For starters we’ve got a nicely sculpted body with a slide out full QWERTY keyboard. The screen looks like it’s a spacious 3.5-inches in size, then there is that 8-Megapixel camera on the back, which will be great for snaps and video.

Now, we’re kind of thinking this may be a Nokia C Series device at this stage but check the photos and you decide. The thing is, another leak document, this time a Nokia roadmap, didn’t highlight a C Series device as high as Nokia C9, so this could well be the Nokia C7.

So, what do you think, Nokia N9 or Nokia C9 (or even the Nokia C7)? Either way this is a cracking bit of kit and shows that Nokia is on a roll with its next-gen devices. Let us know what you think in the Comments below.

Via: negrielectronics

  • http://hidden sajjad haider

    bast modal

  • Riyaan

    It seems that nokia is in da competition wid apple…coz b4 da size n shape of nokia fones were different….now every new upcumin nokia fone iz full qwerty providin full features az apple fones does….still nokia iz best in fones…

  • Kainen28

    Nokia N9 flagship has been spotted today in a gallery that suggests Nokia is taking strong design cues from Apple for its smartphone design. Nokia N9 will be based on meego OS.

  • Michael Kuszelyk

    either way this phone looks like it will take over for the E series, so lets hope it takes over and kicks starts the new C series. I will definitely want a really good look to see how it fits in with my business life and social life. I still love the E71 as it is a perfect fit.