Nokia N9 (RM-680) MeeGo Specs Emerge?

Nokia N9 (RM-680) QWERTY MeeGo Magic Leaked The Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone emerged at the end of last week as a bunch of leaked photos from China. At the time, nothing other than the photos were known about the device. However, it seems the first Nokia N9 (RM-680) specs have emerged over the weekend. Read on to find out more about the Nokia N9 (RM-680) MeeGo smartphone…

We know the Nokia N9 is looking like a stonking device, with its QWERTY keyboard, aluminium design and all-round super-computer appeal.

So, how do you fancy the Nokia N9 (RM-680) coming with a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, running MeeGo Version 1 and even packing in 64GB of memory? Sounds like a little bit of wishful thinking but if the Nokia N9 (RM-680) is to make an impact this could well be what it needs to succeed.

If the stats that have turned up on a Chinese forum are to be believed, these are the base specs of the Nokia N9 (RM-680). What’s more, we can look forward to the 4-inch screen having a WVGA resolution, while the device will be powered by the Qualcomm 1GHz QSD8250 CPU.

Other specs of the Nokia N9 seem to suggest 512MB of RAM and 1GB NANDM, along with 64GB of internal storage and the option to add up to 32GB via microSD card.

When it comes to connectivity, you can expect IEEE 802.11b/g/n?HSPA+ and Bluetooth 2.1 and while the leaked images have yet to rock up a HDMI slot, the leaked specs suggest video recording at 720p@30fps, so the option to out-source your movies would seem likely on the finished Nokia N9.

We’re taking these figures with a pinch of salt at this point, as they feel a little too much like what people would like to see from such a high-end device as the Nokia N9 but what do you think, does this sound like the sort of thing you’d like to see in Nokia’s first MeeGo device? Let us know what you think in the Comments below.

We have to thank NokNok reader Lee for tipping up the link, many thanks fella!

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  • Gamgigo

    From what I’ve seen it seems more likely that it will have an 1.2 Ghz Intel Atom. This would be great news because it would then be compatible with hundreds of thousands of x86 Linux packages availible. That’s brilliant because the only hinderance I’ve noticed on the n900 is that the vast majority of packages are x86 only, no arn support. It also seems like it will have a 4″ screen and 12mp camera.

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  • Max Gibbins

    Hey guys just thought i would share this with you. This is a email response when i asked Nokia if they had any information on the “supposed” Nokia N9:

    “Dear Mr. Gibbins,

    Thank you for contacting Nokia Email Care.

    Please be advised that the Nokia N9 has not been officially announced as of yet. Therefore we are unable to provide iformation regarding this matter. We suggest that you check the Nokia website regularly for updates on Nokia devices as the phones that can be found on the Nokia website are those phones that are available in the UK.”

    So basically there is a Nokia N9 on the way but they have no information to share with us at this moment in time. My best guess is that it will be released at Mobile World Congress 2011. Hope this helped. Love from a huge Nokia fan :P

  • Max Gibbins

    I was thinking of getting a nokia n8 on contract in February for my birthday until i saw this beauty of a phone it has everything i need a very good and big screen, physical qwerty keyboard and last but not least Meego OS. Hopefully it has a 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens because if it does this could easily beat the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 due to be released. I just hope it doesnt take to long before it is released :)

  • customit

    what? i can download any file on my n900 then transfer it to pc. i do it all the time. my n900 is the perfect IT support tool.

  • Paul

    Juan –
    \"And another little gripe, why can\\’t you download files that don\\’t run on the phone? Say I needa file for another phone or a computer that doesn\\’t have internet access until it has said file, I should be able to dl it with the nokia, then transfer it to the other device? Nope, it won\\’t even dl it because it can\\’t play/run the damn file.\"

    I have an e71, had a n95 (8GB) before that and an n95 (standard) before that and on all 3 devices I have been able to download, store, transport and send any file type on all of these devices!!!

    I\’m guessing you generally don\’t have a clue what you are talking about, although I do agree with your opinion that multiple SD slots should be something manufacturers look at

  • mr p

    juan – spot on mate, i want the new intel/nokia beast but fear it will be rushed and buggy. how long did apple take to release the iphone? they probably worked on it for years before releasing it. if nokia can just wait till the new phone is the ***** they will sweep it up

  • Juan

    I am afraid nokia will do what they have always do with their flag ship phones, rush them out, buggy as hell, often with some fatal flaw, which then beccome out dated by the time they are fixed.

    N95, rushed, awefully laggy and buggy software, so little running memory that even with no other apps running, opening an ebook would overload it, video also ran very choppy, sound was terribly distorted, the list goes on. It took them around a year, iirc, before they sorted that lot out.
    Similar thing with the N96, infact the N95 8GB (the \’fixed\’ N95) blew the N96 out of the water in terms of reliability, useability, robustness, wasn\’t too different specs wise (as in end result, not actual hardware).
    Not too sure about the N97 (although they seemed to have skipped \’fixing\’ the N96 and released the N97 instead, maybe that is the \’fixed\’ N96), but have been told by those with it a similar story.

    Large amounts of internal memory is actually a double edged sword. Whilst grinning away in contented smugness at the amount of video and music one is carrying around on their phone, often far greater than their fellows with dedicated music/video devices, drop your phone, get it splashed, just a crash during software/firmware upgrade etc. and poof, all that is gone, plus all those oh so important files etc…I learnt that the hard way, several times…..
    And another little gripe, why can\’t you download files that don\’t run on the phone? Say I needa file for another phone or a computer that doesn\’t have internet access until it has said file, I should be able to dl it with the nokia, then transfer it to the other device? Nope, it won\’t even dl it because it can\’t play/run the damn file.

    With SD cards, all one would then have to do is pull it out and stick it in your computer or replacement phone, what phones should concentrate on is slots for more than one SD card, not more internal memory…..

    Technically, nokia tend to wipe the floor with all other contenders, but with issues that just make them jackof all trades, not very good or barely/useable at any one thing – so much potential, but ruined by rushing, and/or poor integration between software/hardware and hardware/hardware. Surely wouldn\’t it be better to be behind the others in terms of release date, but far further ahead in a far superior product, which they are more than capable of making…..instead I am now forced to choose another manufacturer…

    I have been burnt too many times with high promises but poor delivery/performance by nokia to fall for it again….I hope they sort themselves out by my next upgrade, this time, though I loath to change make, its a samsung galaxy I think….even though it has no flash, what a joke…

  • Tim

    Technical specs and tidbits mean nothing.
    The question smartphone owners ask is \"what kind of apps can I get for that? My friends iPhone has proper games, cool camera apps, fun little augmented reality apps etc etc etc.\"
    And the answer is \"well, there\’s nothing yet, really. But this has a 1ghz hbjske processor and a 64mb memory extended ram chip projector with e/g/g wireless thingymajig!\"

    When Nokia gets the app part sorted, then they start selling phones again. I used to be a Nokia man, but not anymore. Unfortunately they\’ve completely lost the plot.

  • lee

    ok check this link out then look at the crappy looking sketch type promo video we’ve all seen with what was rumoured as a fake N9 in silver , on the home page of the nokia website they have similar sketch type graphics as used in the “fake” promo video….. i am confident the N9 for meego will make an appearance and the N8 for Symbian will be shown off on the 14th Sept 2010 …… N8 is on website for £419 and approx 45 days countdown till launch…. what i want to see next year is wireless hdmi

  • lee

    the 64gb chip is a ground breaker for nokia and just the secret weapon needed for the next level in smartphones along with 12mp or even 8mp, something apple are holding back for launch next easter with the iphone 64gb more and more people are adding music and movies 32gb doesnt last long, and people also dont want to keep mucking about syncing up to delete old stuff and shuffle files about! whats the point of a smartphone with 32gb which is small memory, my n900 has 64gb and its full, i like my files on demand as i fly all around the world with my job so its good to watch the odd movie, simpsons, only fools and horses, the office, extras, inbetweeners i could go on…… while on the move…. more gb for me and I wouldnt mind paying extra either just let the company pay for it and claim the VAT back!

  • Hanover96

    If this phone has a decent capacative touch screen with multi-touch support, then why would there be a need for a seperate keyboard? Having tried the virtual keys on iPhone 3GS and my Nexus One, they work brilliantly, you can type pretty quickly and accurately on them. The only thing I can think of is Nokia are going to implement a similar screen as to what they had on the N900, i.e. resistive with no multi-touch. The 64gb thing is not a big deal, don’t know why people are getting excited over that, micro SD cards are dirt cheap, and memory in general is one of the cheapest things you can buy.

    I’m not convinced by this story in anyway, I mean the alleged “N9″ looks like a Macbook Pro, the specs are standard smartphone specs some guy thought up in 5 minutes. I actually think Nokia have something better lined up, I reckon the N9 or whatever will be a 4 inch tablet style phone to go head to head with iPhone and the top Android phones, not that bulky mess in the picture. There is no market for gigantic brick like phones which have both touchscreens and physical keys, the N900,N97, Xperia X1 etc while all feature packed devices, nobody bought those phones. It’s either one or the other

  • Mikey Bee

    @skyline100 – hence we mention taking it all with a pinch of salt :)

  • skyline100

    if you can read chinese,actually the link that you share is not the actual spec.


  • skyline100

    if you can read chinese,actually the link that you share is not the actual spec.

  • skyline100

    i think u have out of your mind.
    the N900 has only 256MB of RAM and 1GB of application memory.

  • Aikon171
  • the_m_factor

    @ sygys – Dude its not always about processing speed. Symbian for instance has always been about using minimum resources to do the tasks. With N900 running smoothly on a 680 MhZ processor, and Meego very similar to Maemo, do you think there is a need of a 1.5GHz processor. That wouldnt do anything but increase your battery usage.

    And as for the differences of N900 vs N9, I think they are evident:
    1) Maemo vs Meego
    2) 3.5\" resistive touchscreen vs 4\" Capacitive AMOLED/Super AMOLED touchscreen
    3) 600 something MhZ processor vs 1 GHz processor
    4) 5MP vs 8MP camera
    5) more memory, HDMI out, etc in favor of N9.

    These are amongst the most important features. And if you seem to see no difference between N9 and N900, then I cant help you apart from suggesting some good Ophthalmologist.

  • David

    There are two reasons why I don’t believe this story.
    1. Intel is in partnership with Nokia on the Meego OS, why doesn’t Nokia choose an Intel CPU as well?
    2. Given the legal friction between Nokia and Qualcom, it’s unlikely that Nokia would choose a Qualcom product like the CPU for such a high profile phone.

  • asdrftg

    wishlist much? for one, I totally don’t believe in a Qualcomm CPU; furthermore 64 GB + amoled screen, naah, fake… need visits.

  • Christopher

    Forgot to mention how much I like the way this device looks. And the spec rumors on this thing are going crazy, right now saying all kinds of different things. I will wait to see what Nokia confirms before I get too excited. And I am not hoping for htc or motorola to succeed, I just want to see some great Meego devices. I personally hope Nokia hits it out of the ball park on this one.

  • lee

    HTC phones come with no memory, they rely on you buying an sd card… for that reason i wont touch HTC… 64gb is the ground breaker here for Nokia…… along with super thin, aluminium case and 4 inches…. wont be long before iphone brings out 64gb iphone for march/april… so nokia are way ahead!

    thanks for the credit NOKNOK for my specs leak on the N9 by the way!

  • Christopher

    normallydisagree- I think sygys has many very valid points. But he missed one, utilizing the rumored Qualcomm chip inside the n9 is key to Nokia’s success. Nokia will need to build either two models of the n9, a CDMA and a GSM/HSPA+ device, or a single “World phone” style with dual radios. All this must accompany the the latest Meego and that can be packed within.

    – As for smartphones not being about the fastest processor and the latest OS; have you heard of the android race lately? Everyone wants their froyo, and we are all dieing to see the Qualcomm scorpion processor! I personally hope this phone is everything we hope for and is coming stateside (to all or most US carriers). If not, here is to hoping Motorola and HTC pick up on Meego.

    P.s. If this devices doesn’t receive WVGA resolution or higher, then it will go instantly to the bottom of the pile. There is no excuse to have a low resolution on a high-end device, but skip the AMOLED screen, and hopefully add a transitive/capacitive hybrid screen. – LOL now that is dreaming.

  • Charlie

    These “specs” are total bullshit. The only thing you got right is the screen size at 4 inches.

  • Tarun

    I think SUPER-AMOLED is really wishful thinking. I sure hope though that Nokia comes up with this type of a screen with WVGA resolution for the N9.

  • Phone Phobic

    I want the N9. I want Meego. I wanted the N900 until it was announced that it was the end of the line for Maemo (which turned out to be too rough and geeky for us average users anyway). I wanted the N8 until I saw that the N9 will have a hardware keyboard and Meego rather than Symbian. Now I want the N9, and will buy one off-contract. But I hate the wait.

  • Thor

    “yawn”, wouldn’t describe any of that hardware as “stonking”, it’s pretty par for the course. The N9 is going to live or die based on the quality and developer support for Meego, Maemo didn’t work last year, sure the N900 had great specs and was a fine device for geeks but for the average person it was fiddly to use and there was barely any software support for it. I hope Meego works out, but I’m not holding my breath

  • normallydisagree

    sygys – you really are out of your depth. Processor power and OS versions aren’t what phones are about. They are about usability, reliability and battery life.

  • sygys

    Whats to much about this? the HTC desire allready has a 1 ghz for some time now and even my n900 can be clocked without problems to 1.1 ghz also the n900 has 1 GB of ram and 2 GB internal installation memory.

    Firms like HTC allready are designing a phone with 1,5 ghz CPU at the moment. at the time the n9 hits the stores there will be allot out there!

    If these specs are correct they will be AGAIN out dated at the moment the n9 is released.

    To really fight with the competition they should atleast have a CPU/GPU of 1,5 ghz, 8MP camera with descent flash, 64 GB internal memory and 16 GB installable memory for apps. and atleast 1 GB of real dedicated ram.

    There are allready more phones that can rock up 720p and thats not even real HD because 720p still looks crap on a 102 cm full HD tv

    And Meego version 2 is comming next month so version one is very unlikely.

    Im not impressed! the n900 will keep up easily with the n9 with the specs you provided so lets hope they are not!