Nokia N8 Pre-Order Hits China

Nokia N8 up for pre-order in ChinaThe Nokia N8 might have suffered the odd delay, but folks in China can now get closer to finally having the N8 in their hands. The Symbian^3 device is now up for pre-order over there in headset and car charger bundle form.

Arguably one of Nokia’s most-awaited devices for a long time, the N8 has already captured Nok fans imaginations with its new Symbian^3 operating system, 12-megapixel camera, HDMI and 720p high definition video recording.

The N8 has been hit with delays, but with more countries being able to pre-order the device, the retail date edges closer. China is the latest to get pre-order status with two deals on offer, set to ship on September 22nd, reports ZOMGitsCj.

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According to the Nokia China pre-order page the deals include an N8 bundle with the BH-905 Bluetooth Stereo Headset, with a 1 year extra warranty and another with the Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Both deals come with a Nokia DC-4 car charger and CA-126 charging cable.

An event also appears to be scheduled, with a Nokia China web page entirely made up for it. Anyone care to translate? N8 colours will include Green, Silver or Grey. The 101st to 500th buyers will get a “colourful egg speaker” apparently. Which colour will you pick?

Via ZOMGitsCJ and Nokia China N8 pre-order page

  • Stylinred

    So i went to the chinese nokia page you guys linked and there are links to nokias N8 commercials in china on youku (chinese version of youtube) and the majority of the comments are in regards to how expensive the phone is.

    That and the fact that the “actors” they hired can’t speak Mandarin well (they cant)

  • Stylinred

    The problem with the N8 and China is… that are so many domestic brand phones with great features that sell for CHEAAAAAPPPPPP, Cheap Cheap CHEAP did i say Cheap?

    These two Nokia Pre-Order Packages are insanely priced; Nokia has set the target at the highest scale for the Chinese market 5728 Yuan for the BH-905package ($842 USD) and 4868 Yuan for the BH-214 package ($716)

    I would be very surprised if this makes any significant market penetration however I dont think Nokia expects it too either (although they have been advertising it in China like crazy with all the commercials and shows wishful thinking?)

  • Andrew

    Maybe the delay is something as simple as not wanting to commit to a UK price in pounds sterling until the last possible moment? If the Pound gains a little more against the Euro, they can announce a slightly lower price from day one, get better sales, and not look so evil.

    Either way, I think they’ve left it too late for the N8 already. It’ll be know as the N-L8 everywhere. Nokia need to skip over whatever they’ve got planned to release next and release the products after that (but with the earlier release schedule). At least then they’ll be on the curve instead of behind it all the time like they are lately. The N8 appears to be an all or nothing gamble that average consumers only really want to use their mobile as a phone and a camera, with little other consideration.

    Personally, being a keyboard lover, I’d like to see Nokia distinguish themselves as originators of the svelte and sexy phone with keyboard AND touchscreen. Once their designs reach an acceptable level of slimness with a slide out keyboard on-board, I think the world will wake up to how silly it is to even consider a mobile computing/phone device without one. I still predict an iPhone with a hardware keyboard eventually, which of course Apple will say they invented. If Nokia can actually get that rumoured N9 design in the shops, with NO BUGS, before Christmas they might actually find themselves ahead of the curve for the first time in many years.

  • andy burgin

    Nokia knows the best places were there phones will get more demands than the U.k,So China is the Market they need to put pressure on Samsung an LG to really attract more buyers,i hope in the u.k we get it announce at the Nokia Fair in London on September 14th-15th,an loads of questions will be Targeted at Nokia,Why? an What as caused the N8 to be Delayed for so long an no release date yet