Nokia E5-00: Top Ten Free Apps

The Nokia E5-00 is the latest launch in Nokia’s business handset range. It comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.4-inch screen and a 5-megapixel camera. It’s great for both business users and messenger addicts alike. You can get a whole lot more out of it thanks to the many Ovi Store apps. We’ve picked out ten of the best free apps. Read on to see our picks.

We’ve rustled through the Nokia Ovi Store in search of the best free apps, new and old, with apps to extend your phone’s battery life, share video, protect your phone’s contents and more – all for no extra charge.

Video Camera Lite

Type: Photo & Video

Size: 0.62MB

The free Qik app lets you record and share high quality live videos taken from your Nok. Videos can be instantly posted to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. You can either exchange video messages privately between family and friends, or view them on, where all videos are automatically saved for playback on your computer or handset.

Opera Mobile 10

Type: Utilities

Size: 6.49MB

If you’re looking for an alternative web browser, Opera Mobile 10 adds tabbed browsing and optimised touchscreen and keypad navigation. This latest version of Opera Mobile is significantly faster than the previous version, with noticeably extra speed when downloading pages.



Type: Utilities

Size: 4.09MB

Save money on your phone by downloading this free Skype application to let you make free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM on 3G or Wi-Fi. it’ll also let you save money on call and texts to phones abroad. Using Skype with a data connection may incur charges, so an unlimited data plan is recommended.

WaveSecure (Trial)

Type: Utilities

Size: 0.57MB

Worried about losing your phone. Once you’ve installed and activated WaveSecure it keeps track of your mobile phone when a new SIM card is inserted, by letting a friend or family member know – letting you lock and secure your mobile to prevent unauthorised use, and backup and restore your phone’s data.

fring Free Videocalls, Calls, IM

Type: Social networks

Size: 1.14MB

An application that, when connected gives you free video calls, voice calls and live chats to your fring friends and on other social networks such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Twitter and more.

Speedhero LITE

Type: Sports

Size: 2.84MB

One for the more sporty Nok owners. Speedhero uses sound recognition technology to measure the top speed of your shot in sports such as football, badminton, cricket, golf and more.

Battery Extender Lite (1.14.2)

Type: Utilities

Size: 0.21MB

Battery Extender extends the standby time of your Nok by up to 30% by fine tuning your phone’s setting as its battery drains.

ForecaWeather Free

Type: News & Info

Size: 1.70MB

ForecaWeather Free is an ad-funded app that provides current weather conditions and 10 day weather forecasts from over 140,000 locations, or from yours, using your phone’s GPS skills to pull in your location.

Smart Gallery Trial

Type: Business

Size: 0.56MB

If you want to hide secret photos, videos and other files from prying eyes, download Smart gallery Trial to do so with password protection with this security conscious app.


Type: Social networks

Size: 0.11MB

Snaptu puts all your most used mobile apps and social networks including: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more in one place. Rather than having each individual app running, Snaptu lets you access them all in one powerful app to save you time and your phone’s battery life.

Got a favourite app for your Nokia E5-00 we’ve not listed? Let us know in the Comments below.

  • Stormi Gardner

    oh, yeah…it’s bad. Wanna-be blackberry, battery life sucks, internet sucks, camera that is supposed to be 5mpx sucks, and worst of all, Straight Talk sends you messages that state you are using too much data….when it is an UNLIMITED plan!

  • Luckyunlucky

    please purchase “”log extender”” from OVI store just for Rs 150 only. with it you can see even call made/received/missed months ago. and for contact number change setting from option of contacts

  • Skilledvenki

    worst smart phone yet seen

  • Utshavpoudel

    but why i cant make fring video call from e5?i can see video but my video cant see my

  • Manish Khadilkar

    The basic function of displaying caller name with that number is not there.. ridiculous… we call business phone, but cant see the number… also to view contacts phone numbers or details you need to press n number of buttons…. cant see the full contact… also the calls list is only 20 numbers…..surprising…. If i keep my obile off for one day…naturally the calls will be more than 20, but you cant see them… they get deleted after 20…. I am sure there will be no answers.. my bad luck.. :(

  • Rajkumar

    hi frog just go to contact then mark all the contact and then copy all contact it to phone then go to contact to display and change as phone…ur prob is solved

  • Dabud08

    can I get words with friends on my nokia E5?

  • Nabihaiderzaidi

    yes plz download nimbuzz im then you can you live massenger includ nimbuzz world best im injoy it

  • Mado_1_afifi

    may i can use windows live messenger on my e-5? please answer:) thx

  • aryan

    dear friends, i have nokia e5-00.. it support flasp player????plz tell me where i get flash player for nokia e5

  • Mintes4

    @Naveen: but we dont have the front camera is that totally fine??

  • Zialawyer

    you should copy all no to phone memory and, and use phone memory as default

  • frog

    @Mikey Bee – thankyou!

  • Mikey Bee

    @Frog. We had this issue. If you switch off the phone and take out the SIM then replace and switch back on it often solves the problem. Also had the same issue with my Nokia N8 and the same trick worked on that too. Let us know if it works!

  • frog

    Often when I recieve calls, even for a number installed on both my phone and sim memory, only the numer comes up and not the caller’s name (as saved under)
    however, sometimes the name does come up
    does anyone have a solution to this?

  • Tseganeh

    Many thanks! Am learning to like my Nokia E5-00 more…

  • Mikey Bee

    @Raymond. The Nokia E5 doesn’t come with a secondary camera, sadly

  • raymond

    I am using nokia E5 and I am new to this type of phones I just wanted to ask that do E5 have secondary camera and if yes how to start it and make video call through it .

  • shafeek

    this is good software

  • Mikey Bee

    @Grace – you can indeed – check out our top 10

  • grace s.

    can i install games on my nokia E5 and where can i download? thanks :)

  • lesley

    hi.i use nokia E5 and am yet to enjoy its many features.can anyone tell me how i could watch and download videos on youtube.i also love to know if its possible to download adobe flash on E5. I’d so much appreciate ur replies..cheerie

  • Rakesh Tiwari

    hi in my e5 i am not able view the receving skype call. please let me know how does it works

  • http://gmail sebikevi

    Hello people can I ask for samething,I have a Nokia 6120 classic,and can my nokia downlad a software Wireless,if yes whos now any addres when I can download, THANKSSSS

  • dhruv

    you can download NIMBUZZ and then can get online on skype, tweeter, faceboook, yahoo, MSN, gmail all at once. I think the speed for internet and messages mainly depends on the network provider. Because I am using this E5 in China, and here it goes very quick, fast and efficient.
    The only thing I feel bad about buying this cell is that it does not have 3G video calling facility. I wish I knew that before… rest it’s just like E72

  • Anoop

    Hi friends,
    Two days back i bought Nokia E5,
    Have some doubts,
    I downloaded some games, but i could not find out where it saved. Any one can help ?
    And while connecting the gmail application, it’s not showing wifi or gprs, its directly connecting to the gprs.

    Pls help


  • joy


    just remove the plastic cover from the camera lens and see the difference

  • eli

    dear friends i am using touch mobile instead of globe or smart as my network provider, i notice that whenever i tried to use ovi store i cant open it or its not functioning on my nokia e5,, is there something to do with my network provider? need your help please.. tnx

  • Slokkie

    Hi there.
    Is there a apps what wil show the clock on a fullscreen free of charge?
    If so please let me know.
    Regards Bill

  • manoj

    Avi player

  • AJ

    i luv this phone itz AWESOME n itz ma first QWERTY phone thx nokia ur phones r always AWESOME!

  • sushil

    how to change font in nokia e5..?? plz help me

  • hayat

    I am using E5-00 set, but here it can,t read the format of SIS file. why it is too difficult to read just .JAR file and .DAT. i am too shocked now when i bought it no any software in my set. plz help it out for me i really want software like call reacord, best media player .AVI format palying, games etc but here the thing is all against plz share with me your comments too and help it out for me

  • usagimys

    hi i have problem with my ovi chat in nokia e5.. i could not add new community like google talk n yahoo messenger with it. it happen only this few weeks.. last time i\’m able to add other community but now it seems only give me ovi without others.. some say, to add new community i have to select options – more and add service.. but then in more tab, only got settings menu to select without the add service.. can anyone help me on this issue.. please…

  • sunil

    Hai,my E5 hav a problem with camaras flash, photos coming with too vague…even i swith off the flash…please advice me… thanks

  • Museb

    Guyz help me out,i owe a Nokia E5,
    I cant realy shut off the shutter sound wen takin a pitcha.Please teme..

  • Laili

    I was using Samsung and recently changed to Nokia E5-00.
    Why can’t I view the full sms (from my old phone) stored in my sim card on Nokia E5-00?
    I can see the stored sms when I select Sim Messages but I can only read few words and unable to read the sms till the end. Can anyone please let me know how can I view the full sms?

    And how do I save all my future sms to sim card?


  • elida

    I’m to get skype from the Ovi store. Im waiting for it to send the download link in my inbox but i was told i have to wait up an hour for that.

  • jitendra

    skype works good with e5

  • ikke

    ik wil weten of ik ook msn er op kan zetten

  • Narasimha

    Download Skype from Ovi store. It is working really nice for me on my Nokia E5-00

  • Naveen

    @Alexandra: Yes Skype works just fine on Nokia E5

  • Alexandra

    Is it possible to have skype on a nokia E5? because i read that that’s impossible. it will work out?

  • Ajay


    I have E5 – 00 but the sms and mail applications are very slow… there some application available to sppeden them up…also am not able to delete mails from server when i delete them from phone…can somebody help pls….

  • Fred

    Nice, thanks for the list :)