Nokia Exclusive: Nokia N8 On Sale 23rd September UK

Nokia N8 Shipping 23rd September UKThe Nokia N8 is coming and will be exclusive to Nokia Online for a whole week before it goes on general sale. That’s right, the Nokia N8 will go on sale here in the UK on the 23rd September. How do we know? Well, it seems Nokia has been buying Ad Word space and leaked the story itself. Read on to find out more about the Nokia N8 going on sale 23rd September here in the UK…

We’ve been waiting for the Nokia N8 for what seems like a lifetime, with top features such as the anodised aluminium casing and 12-Megapixel camera making the wait all the more unbearable. It looks like the wait is over, however, with UK pre-order of the Nokia N8 just around the corner.

A quick search by one of our readers has revealed that Nokia Online has the Nokia N8 in stock and ready for UK dispatch on the 23rd September – so you may even be able to get your hands on a Nokia N8 before the month is out. Now, the lin isn’t live at the moment but surely it’s only a matter of time before it is – check out the screengrab for the proof!

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It also means that UK pre-order via Nokia should be available in the next few days – so keep an eye out here for updates and make sure your name is among the first on the list.

Resellers such as also have the Nokia N8 listed for pre-order, but none within a week of Nokia’s own UK release date. Play actually has the Nokia N8 set for release on the 8th October, so you’ll be waiting an extra couple of weeks.

Either way, we’d like to offer a big thanks to eagle eyed NokNok reader Andrew Bush for the tip off – great work super sleuth!

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  • ram

    look at the source.

    Link –

    commented out in source code –

    <!– START: Static Buy Now Module –>
    <!–<div id=\"N8BuyNowDropdown\">
    <li class=\"clearFix\"><img src=\"/NOKIA_UK_23/EUROPE_NOKIA_COM_3/Product_Catalogue/Products/Consumer_Phones/N-Series/N8/content//images/text-buynow-freefrom35pm.png\" alt=\"FREE from &pound;35 per month\" /><a href=\"\" class=\"n8uk-tracking\"><span>Pre-order now</span></a></li>
    <li class=\"clearFix\"><img src=\"/NOKIA_UK_23/EUROPE_NOKIA_COM_3/Product_Catalogue/Products/Consumer_Phones/N-Series/N8/content//images/text-buynow-429simfree.png\" alt=\"&pound;429 SIM free\" /><a href=\"\" class=\"n8uk-tracking\"><span>Pre-order now</span></a></li>
    <!– END: Static Buy Now Module –>

    By the looks of it they are almost ready to list it on the website.

  • andy burgin

    Thanks for the Brilliant News as i have been so anxious an dying to see an get hold of the N8,we will now be able to see if Nokia have finally release a Really Top Class Smartphone,an the new Symbian 3 software as been really made up to date,now got to think what colour to get as i like Blue one