Nokia N8: How To Change Your Battery

The Nokia N8 features an absolutely stunning anodised aluminium design, but the uni-body metal casing doesn’t have anywhere you can take out the battery, right? Actually, changing the battery on a Nokia N8 is a relatively easy task – join us after the break to find out more…

Despite being one of the best smartphones we’ve seen all year, one initial misgiving we had about the Nokia N8 was the lack ofremovable battery. Since we’ve had our own Nokia N8, however, we’ve realised that this just isn’t an issue.

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The battery life on the Nokia N8 is far better than rivals, lasting for a couple of days in most situations. And if you do need to change it, it’s actually surprisingly easy to take out the old battery, and add a new one. In fact, you’ll be able to swap for a new battery in under five minutes.

Check out the video below to find out how to change the battery on your Nokia N8:

Via All About Symbian

  • andy burgin

    Im am sure loads will not worry about the warranty an remove the battery themselves after just showing how the battery on the N8 can be changed fairly easily,people used to more causious but nowdays its totally changed an loads do seem not bothered about doing things themselves

  • kishor

    u will remove u r battery on nokia n8, laps u r handset warranty.

  • mjoa

    I was under the impression popping the battery cover open voided warranty…?