Upgrade Your Nokia N97 Mini to Nokia E7-00

The Nokia N97 Mini has been something of a sleeping giant over the last 18 months, winning fans and users a plenty but never really grabbing the attention it deserved. The same can hardly be said of the new Nokia E7-00, which is one of the most eagerly awaiting QWERTY messenger smartphone for some time. Read on to find our why you should upgrade your Nokia N97 Mini to the Nokia E7-00.

OK, we know the Nokia E7-00 hasn’t hit the streets yet but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the ideal upgrades choices for the current Nokia N97 Mini. After all, it takes everything we like about the Nokia N97 Mini and brings it bang up to date.

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So, with the Nokia E7-00 you still get the touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard combo that everyone adores on the Nokia N97 Mini. However, this time around you’ll find a 4-inch screen, which means the keys on the slide-out keyboard are bigger and more spacious. Suddenly, typing and seeing what you’ve typed just got a whole lot smoother and easier to manage, which is great news in the busy world of mobile computing.

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While the Nokia N97 Mini took its design cues from the larger Nokia N97, this time around it’s very much the Nokia N8 that is the design model for the Nokia E7-00. This means you’ll find a full metal body and a nice compact design. The big news about the large screen action is that it uses Nokia’s new ClearBlack technology, so whites are crisp, blacks are sharp and colours really pop. The main advantage of this technology, though, is that it offers no reflections so you’ll be able to use the Nokia E7-00 far easier out of doors!

Sure, the Nokia E7 weighs in at 176g, so is heavier than the 136g of the N97 Mini but if you’re worried about the size of opting for a larger screen, then fear not as the Nokia E7-00 is actually thinner than the Nokia N97 Mini.

When it comes to multimedia, you’ll find the 5-Megapixel camera on the Nokia N97 Mini has been updated to a generous 8-Megapixel CCD on the Nokia E7-00 and with the neat flatpack design, you won’t find any protruding camera housing.

Packing the latest Symbian^3 operating system, the Nokia E7-00 allows you to have multiple Homescreens and that’s to the OS being tighter and faster than previous versions, you’ll find all your favourite apps and features load smoother and quicker than ever.

If you’ve loved your Nokia N97 Mini but are feeling the urge to move on to something new, then the Nokia E7-00 makes perfect sense. What do you think, is the Nokia E7-00 the upgrade choice for you? Let us know what you think in the Comments below.

  • Bob Newton

    Adil Wadia clearly has never used the E7! It is a brilliant phone, the screen is amazing, much, much better than the n97 mini. I scan business cards with mine, all you do is scan them from about 35cm, then you can crop the images, because of the 8mp sensor you can easily read what is left. Don’t always believe what you read in reviews, I would suggest actually looking at the phone before you make comments that up up embaressing yourself

  • Bob Newton

    Adil Wadia clearly has never used the E7! It is a brilliant phone, the screen is amazing, much, much better than the n97 mini. I would suggest actually looking at the phone before you make comments that up up embaressing yourself

  • Kaggwa wilson

    What ill be the price range for the nokia E7-00

  • Adil Wadia

    The n97 mini is a better phone than the e7. same resolution on a larger screen means that the display is going to show grid lines on the E7. The e7 has a fixed focus camera , compared to the 5 MP autofocus and carl ziess on n97 mini. Macro images and business card scanning not possible on E7 !!

    Besides, there are too many issues with the email application on Symbian 3 to recommend the E7. In the current release of Symbian 3, the email application cannot be turned to offline mode ( like E72 and n97 mini) and meeting request handlings is a disaster.

  • Ali Hassan

    Why would I go for nokia devices where there are others out there with higher processor, higher screen resolution and higher camera mega pixels. Basically, every new model nokia comes up with is a failure attempts to compete in the market.
    Nokia star start falling long ago, since the appearance of other (much handy) devices such as HTC, iPhone and blackberry.
    Unfortunately, I have nokia n97 and I hope this will be my last nokia handset, because it always makes me suffer from crashes and low speed application processes.
    Hint: nokia may regain their place in the market once they done some thing really inventive with a powerful hardware spec, because nowadays gadgets has nothing to do with how nice and slik the design is, it is all about the usability of the device and its applications utilities.

  • Ailton

    Nokia continues the recent firmware version on N97 mini ???