Nokia Windows Phone: Dual-SIM Smartphone

We’ve been looking at some of the useful features that Nokia can bring to Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system – from music to cameras. Another way that Nokia could take the OS forward would be the introduction of dual-SIM smartphones. Join us after the break to find out more…

Since Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft, which will see the the Finnish company producing smartphones with the Windows Phone OS on them, we’ve been thinking of ways that Nokia can differentiate itself from other Windows Phone manufacturers.

We’ve already looked at high-end features, such as the 12-Megapixel camera on the Nokia N8, and music playback capabilities, but we also think Nokia has lots to offer the operating system in more simple ways. For a start, there’s currently no dual-SIM handset in the Windows Phone line-up.

Dual-SIM phones are the ideal products for those with hectic lifestyles.  They let you connect two SIM cards at the same time, so you can make or take phone calls from two separate numbers. That means there’s no need to carry both a work phone and a normal handset – you can have two in one – and still keep all of your contacts in separate places if necessary.

Nokia has a history of producing dual-SIM handsets – such as the Nokia C2. With a hot-swappable second SIM card, the Nokia C2 lets you easily swap cards on the move, which is also perfect for using the handset in different countries.

We think a dual-SIM Nokia Windows Phone handset would be a great idea, and another way that Nokia could differentiate itself from its Windows Phone rivals.

  • Ss

    This is pure shit… Its imposible that any company realease a highend phone with dual sim, because there wont be any carrier which will buy them… which carrier is gonna offer u a phone that allows you to use another carrier sim? And buying highend phones free is crazy… xD

  • Andrew

    I’ve had enough of these clap-trap ‘Nokia Windows Phone’ what-do-you-think? articles. You’ve been trotting them out ever since the announcement at MWC and there’s not a shred of fact in them. They’re pure supposition.

    Why not wait until there’s some evidence based news to report on whatever Nokia are going to release, or at least restrict these ramblings to stuff from the regular rumour mill?

  • Ian

    Dual SIM is a great idea, although I don’t recall Nokia ever producing one in the past!!! How about going one further and have a profile for each SIM? That way work appointments can reside in one diary, and personal stuff in the other.

    Music and video playback is being done to death on every portable device, so the only thing to develop here has to be codec support so it will play everything around.

    NFC is surely going to be a useful feature; and localised mapping applications would be a great addition i.e. maps for Alton Towers, Disney World, major supermarkets.

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  • Rory

    To say Nokia have a history with Dual Sim is plain wrong. The Nokia C2 Dual Sim was announced 7 months ago but has never been released. Check Gsm arena to see the level of frustration from consumers.