Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 Symbian ^3 Firmware Update With New Homescreen, Menus and Interface!

The next firmware update for Symbian ^3 and your Nokia N8, Nokia C7 or Nokia C6-01 is on its way, and it looks like it could be a big one! With changes to the home screen and user interface (UI) expected, the next firmware update could change how you view your Symbian ^3 Nokia. Join us after the break to find out more…

We’re used to seeing bug fixes and performance increases in firmware updates. If the following bunch of slides shown at Mobile World Congress turn out to be part of the next firmware update, it’ll make an impressive step forward for Nokia.

According to the slides, Symbian ^3 – the operating system on your Nokia N8, Nokia C7 or Nokia C6-01 – is set to get a major update, with a surprisingly different user interface.

In the slides, which promises that Symbian will continue to get investment in the future, the home screens have received the biggest updates, with changes to the overall structure. Instead of a bunch of widgets, rigidly set in the centre of the screen, the design is a lot more free, with space used intelligently.

The widgets are no longer the same size – so those that need extra space can be bigger, and Nokia has changed the space consuming status bar at the top.

As part of the update, battery, network and other details will be located in a slim drop down status bar – just like Maemo, the operating system found on the Nokia N900.

The menu also gets an overhaul, with new icons and a new bar at the bottom of the menu. It all comes together to give Symbian ^3 a completely new look – and distancing the OS from older versions of Symbian.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the photos of the new design below.

Via MyNokiaBlog.

  • Anonymous

    @geze58 – Nokia has said the update will start to roll out in the summer.

  • Geze58

    when will the update come

  • Abbey

    Will this update be available for C6.00 ? And when will the update be available?

  • nate

    I hope they include an overlay keyboard/keypad in this firmware, that can work with inherent or other applications, because sometimes the lack of keyboard/keypad availability becomes very frustrating!

  • maurobeauro

    but when?

  • alireza

    the best new update for symbian^3 nokia for N8 C7

  • Arjun

    OMG ! Cant wait ! Nokia truly rocks ….hope this update kicks Android and apple’s ass….

  • Andrew Woo

    Awesome! What I really like to se in the new update is increased CPU speed and better RAM management (like what Nokia did for the N97). Oh right, and this is also a chance for us to see if Nokia learned anything from the PR 1.1 release.
    Tl;dr: excited lets hope Nokia doesn’t screw up the release.

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  • alienx trm

    holy smokes batman! xD