Could Nokia N8 Run Windows Phone OS?

The Nokia N8 running Windows Phone OS, now there is an appealing idea but is it possible? With Nokia announcing a new alliance with Microsoft many will be wondering if they’ve suddenly find their Symbian^3 Nokia N8 turning into a Nokia Windows Phone. Join us after the jump to find out about the Nokia N8 running Windows Phone OS.

We’ve been hearing rumblings of a Nokia N8 Windows Phone ever since the announcement at Mobile World Congress a few weeks back. It also seems to be a hot topic over at the official Nokia Forum.

While we can see the appeal of taking everyone’s favourite high-end Nokia smartphone and pouring a little Microsoft magic into it, it’s hardly likely to happen.

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For starters, the Nokia N8 simply doesn’t meet the hardware requirements to run the Windows Phone operating system. The Nokia N8 runs a 680MHz, which is less than the 1GHz ARM v7 that Microsoft is asking for. It’s better news when it comes to memory as the Nokia N8 comes with 256MB of RAM, which is the base level for Windows Phone at the moment.

Other features that are required are a capacitive touchscreen with 480 x 800-pixel, as well as a DirectX9 or better GPU for high-end rendering.  It would seem that in its current version. Windows Phone OS is too power hungry for the Nokia N8, which is why Symbian^3 is such a winning formula on the Nokia N8. Then there is the configuration issue. Windows Phone OS is actually designed at the moment to work with devices that have three hardware menu buttons and, as we know, the Nokia N8 only has one.

It’s too early to tell whether Microsoft will relinquish some of the restrictions its placed on its Microsoft Phone OS but it’s highly likely that it will need to if it is going to work its way down the food chain and into cheaper and cheaper price points. This will allow Nokia to develop the Windows Phone OS in partnership with Microsoft to work with less than cutting-edge specifications, so working out across the whole ecosystem.

So, the Nokia N8 will continue to support only the Symbian^3 operating system but that is no bad thing, as we think it works exceedingly well as it is. That’s not to say Nokia is ignoring the Nokia N8. No, Nokia looks set to roll out the PR2.0 and PR3.0 firmware updates over the course of the next 12 to 18 months, so there is plenty of life left and improvements to be had in the Nokia N8 yet.

What do you think, if you could have a Nokia N8 with Windows Phone OS on-board would you be willing or are you more than happy to stay with the Symbian^3 operating system? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.

  • arl

    Well, It would be awesome if it could run on windows operatin system, but at this point it looks wishful thinking only. Before knowing this I tried to run some programs that did not work with Symbian so I am kind of frustrated. Maybe in the future they find a way to straighten out this problem. Nokia N8 has a very poor battery life to boot

  • Ian T Williams

    i would even pay to have windows on my brill n8. great camera, windows would make the n8 fantastic

  • Anonymous

    @Tipu – as we point out, it’s not possibly – sadly :(

  • Tipu Mehbub Jalil

    can it be done?

  • hunt3rwag1

    can it be done?

  • HaddadAlan

    nokia n8 and windows phone is a brilliant idea …and i prefer getting it more than symbian

  • http://saudiarabia mooh

    I hope the emergence of Windows 7 on n8 to Purify all the passion and longing

  • KopMaister

    Well… for starters the windows phone OS is ten times nicer looking, and it appears to be stable and fast, though it has its lacks… but i would deffinitly have WP7 on my N8 instead of Symbian ^3… as time went by i have found some critical bugs…. for instance the ringer app…. at new year i called my mom to say happy new year and some fireworks went off in the air. and my ringer app crashed…. i have managed to recreate this phenomen by simply shouting while in a call resulting the call to be ended and my phone rebooting… so WP7 FTW!

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  • Nazrae

    I’ve been using Symbian since Nokia 7650 and it has never let me down. Personally, Symbian OS is user friendly, intuitive, very light and have potential to be a major player in mobile market. All mobile phones OS goes through rough times as there is a need for more R&D to progress. Symbian 3^ is matured in that area and to take it out from the equation in mobilephone market is like death sentence. I support Symbian and Nokia as it is like peas in a pod. Go Symbian as there people like me who will not move to Windows. This comment was typed, using my Symbian 3^ happy Nokia N8 :)

  • Henrik

    Symbian^3 is ages behind other OS, when it comes to user-friendliness!

    … and I know, that Symbian-fans are likely to get p….. about this, but they just need to wake up, and imagine themselves being absolutely new in smartphones!

    My N8 is not beaten by ANYONE, when it comes to hardware! No doubt about that. But I refuse to live with an OS, that takes me 2-3 years backwards, and therefore it is being replaced by another phone within a few days.

    But IF you could give me the N8, with a state-of-the-art OS, I would definitely stick to my Nokia!

  • hodged02

    don’t ruin a great phone with unstable microsoft software, every WP7 I have used crashed after a few days of being left on, never had that issue with symbian, an i’ve had ngage, ngage QD, 6630, E61i, E63, N97 mini, now have N8.
    Nokia! keep Symbian Going!

  • NicKel

    imo absolutely not, due to its HW limitations e.g ARM architecture.

  • Tinkle

    This article has to be a joke. Why would anyone in their right mind want to make the massive downgrade from Symbian to Windows Phone? And it really IS a massive downgrade, whether you happen to like the Windows Phone UI or not. In fact WinPho is little more than the UI it seems. And Microsoft are hopeless at software engineering.


    WinPho on the N8 is like putting the engine from an old Russian Lada into a new Ferrari. Yeah, really.

  • SabinoII

    I don\’t need WP7 for my Nokia N8, Symbian is very good Operating System, it\’s been 7 years living with Symbian, from S30, S60, to Symbian ^3 , for me, there\’s no problem at all. If you want WP7, then wait the SLEEPING DRAGON will be awake again. Wait…..

  • Yehkyahai

    I have N8, its a good phone overall, only has poor battey life & the fonts color theme can be better
    also if they release new firmware, it can work to its best as it is a good phone, it needs a lot of improvement

  • Tim

    Nokia’s Symbian-based devices get sneered at because they have lower-powered CPUs. Racing cars in the early 20th century often had enormous engines (20-30 litres), but did that make them faster than today’s?

    Anyway: why would I want to replace Symbian^3 on my N8, with a quarter-baked Microsoft OS heavy on the eye-candy but lacking many basic features Symbian has had for years? Thanks but no thanks.