Nokia N8-00 Firmware Update 14.002 (PR 1.2) Hits!

The Nokia N8 firmware update 14.002 has started to hit devices around the world. We know this because it just landed on our own Nokia N8. This is part of the PR 1.2 roll-out that will also be coming to Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 users in due course. Read on to find out more about the Nokia N8 firmware 14.002 (PR 1.2) update.

Nokia seems to be on a roll with updates at the moment as it was only back in February that the Nokia N8 firmware version 13.016 struck our device. Now we have the Nokia N8 firmware version 14.002 (PR 1.2), which isn’t a huge update more a house keeping exercise and getting us ready no doubt for the PR 2.0. which is due later this year.

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If you’re interested in what the Nokia N8 firmware 14.002 (PR 1.2) update has to offer compared to the previous version, then check out the changelog.

  • Ovi Maps SR 6 – improved Maps user experience, for example enhanced sharing possibilities and improved updating of new maps
  • New version Nokia’s Ovi Store is available
  • Fixed Mail for Exchange synchronisation issue – emails stopped syncing if in certain format
  • General performance and usability improvements

As you can see there are no real big surprises but it’s always good to have the latest version to hand as many of the background niggles and stability issues are often sorted out.

The Nokia N8 firmware version14.002 (PR 1.2) update is only small in size and comes as an OTA (Over The Air) download, so you won’t need to bother with Ovi Suite as many had to for the v13 update.

As with all Nokia updates, the rollout is global and by date of manufacture, so while your best mate may have got his that’s no guarantee yours will turn up at the same time. Patience is the name of the game and to check the updater (type *#0000# in Call) on a regular basis.

Got your Nokia N8 firmware version14.002 (PR 1.2) update and spotted something we’ve not covered? Share the good news with fellow Nokia N8 users in the Comments below.

Check out our Nokia N8 firmware version14.002 (PR 1.2) update photo gallery:

  • danorbs

    Is this update already available in the Philippines?

  • raj

    I am from Malaysia…when i gonna get my updates for nokia n8????I have been waiting since the pr1.2 released but no updates are available here….

  • Haydn

    I found the solution to the exchange issue, I backed up in ovi (took ages) then reinstalled 14.002 again and this solved the issue. Obviously did not go in right the first time. All good again. Bless you Nokia, I am a happy chap again!

  • Ted

    Got my update today 12/04/11 has totally screwed up mail for exchange settings which tried to sync all my exchange emails 3705 of them, filling up the phone memory and disabling the exchange account.

    Phone now hanging more than ever.

    Booo Nokia, my phone was a ok before the update! So I am well P’offed

    Still the best phone I ever had and I am the only man in meetings without a friggin gayphone4, nice to stand out.

    I was also one of the first to get the N8 on August 19th 2010 so I doubt Vikram got this update a month ago as I just got mine.

  • Nicky

    Done my update last night, and phone has locked up more than ever today – driving me nuts!

  • adam

    any idea if this is gonna fix the constant and random restarting ?

  • rockinross

    still waiting for this update on Orange uk.
    I hate this waiting for updates when they are out there already. might have to debrand soon.

  • Fizzy

    About time Nokia updates their software, because I have been having trouble with it since I bought it, I don’t want to send it back, because I don’t want to lose my games etc, I hope this update improves the UI a lot, because it needs a lot of work, I’m just waiting for PR2 to come out, hopefully they will totally overhaul the whole UI, and make it more like Android AKA more User Friendly & Smoother…
    And @ Vikram, I checked my software updater 2 days ago and there was nothing there, I checked when NokNok Told me and it was available, so Thanks for the Heads up NokNok, because I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t check your informative site!!!!

  • Mikey Bee

    @Vikram. We’re glad your update came earlier but as we state the article this is about it hitting our Nokia N8 at NokNok, which has only just landed. We wanted to highlight that a faith and a little patience pays off!

  • vikram