Nokia C6-01: How To Reset Factory Settings

One way of sorting out issues on your Nokia C6-01 is to reset the phone, switching the software back to factory settings. You may have to install all your apps again, but it’s worth a try. To find out how to reset your Nokia C6-01 back to factory settings, join us after the cut…

If you’re having trouble with your Nokia C6-01 – perhaps you’ve installed the latest firmware and it doesn’t agree with one of your apps, for instance – and want to take a step back, it’s worth considering a software reset.

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It’s possible to change all the settings back to how they were when your Nokia C6-01 rolled out of the factory. Before you do this, you should back up all of your files, photographs, contact details and anything else of importance – as the phone will be wiped completely clean.

Once all your files and details are copied safely onto your laptop or computer, click on Menu and then Settings. Then click on Phone and Phone Management.

From here, click Factory Settings. There are two options – Restore and Delete Data and Restore. Restore will turn all your settings back to how they were originally – it’s worth trying this option first just in case, but if you still have problems it’s worth deleting data as well. Make sure your phone is fully charged or plugged in, as you don’t want the handset to turn off halfway through the reset.

Once you’ve started the reset, the phone will restart and it’s a simple case of waiting for your Nokia C6-01 to do its stuff. It takes quite a long time, and you won’t be able to use the phone at all while it’s resetting. As said above – make sure you back up all your files before starting the reset.

If there’s anything else you want to know, head over to our Nokia C6-01 Ultimate User Guide.

Confused? Check out our Nokia C6-01: How to reset to factory settings photo gallery below:

  • Donnaesparagoza

    i have c6 mobile i want to restore all original phone setting with deleting data,what i will do?apple

  • Alishba Shah87

    this is nice mobile

  • Tom

    That’s incredible. How many other manufacturers offer a factory reset?

    Nokia wins again!

  • Tom

    That’s incredible. How many other manufacturers offer a factory reset?

    Nokia wins again.