Qt and Nokia ready to unlock the web for The Next Billion

Nokia has given consumers plenty to think about this week with some great new phones and accessories, but it pleased developers too by revealing that the Qt framework would be central in bringing the mobile web to “The Next Billion”.

Exploring Maps for Nokia Series 40 feature phones

It was neatly ironic that the stunning new Nokia N9 would be unveiled at Nokia Connection 2011 in Singapore earlier this week, as Nokia also used the event to announce that the Qt developer platform – upon which the Nokia N9’s MeeGo OS is built – faced a bright future in Nokia’s strategy for penetrating emerging markets.

In a presentation entitled “Qt and the Next Billion”, Nokia senior vice-president of developer experience Marco Argenti promised developers that despite Nokia switching its smartphone operations to Windows Phone, it was heavily committed to Qt and intended to “make Qt core to bringing applications to the next billion”.

In other words, Qt will be instrumental in the Series 40 platform’s push into developing markets, a strategy we can already see the beginnings of on the Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type, which sees Nokia Maps and the Nokia Browser present on a Series 40 device for the first time.

“Qt-powered Apps have serious momentum on Ovi Store. Our consumers are downloading more Qt-written apps on over 100 million devices worldwide,” Argenti revealed, referring to the existing bedrock of Symbian devices based on Qt.

“We will disclose further details in due time; today we want our developers to see the opportunity that the future of Qt brings as part of our mobile phones strategy.”