Nokia N8: How To Set Up A Mobile Wi-Fi Network

Your Nokia N8 is a great all-round device, proving all you need to keep in touch with your friends and family on the move. If you decide to take your laptop or tablet out and about with you as well though, you’ll also be able to use your Nokia N8 as a modem and wireless router. To find out how to set up a mobile Wi-Fi network on your Nokia N8, join us after the cut…

It wasn’t that long ago that you’d need a cable if you wanted to connect your laptop to the internet using your mobile phone as a modem. With Wi-Fi built into the latest handsets like the Nokia N8, however, things have become a lot simpler.

To use your Nokia N8 as a modem and wireless router, you’ll need to download an app called Joikuspot. Head over to the Ovi Store on your Nokia N8 to get started (if you’re confused about how to use the Ovi Store, check out our Nokia N8 Ultimate User Guide).

Once you’ve downloaded Joikuspot, you’ll find the app on the main menu of your Nokia N8. Tap it to start the app, and then click Yes when asked whether you want to allow sharing your internet connection with external devices.

Tap the same access point you use to connect to the internet when browsing the web on your Nokia N8. Joikuspot will then create its own Wi-Fi network – simply turn Wi-Fi on on your laptop or tablet, and look for the new Joikuspot network – it should have ‘Joikuspot’ in the network SSID (the name of the network). Click connect, and you’re good to go!

If there’s anything else you want to know, head over to our Nokia N8 Ultimate User Guide.

Confused? Check out our Nokia N8: How to create a mobile Wi-Fi network photo gallery below:



  • Bpw

    n8 I cant see the joikuspot network on my samsung tab either! a friend told me the tab cant use infrastructure networks not sure if thats true? more research is needed on that one.

  • Aelnglish

    just received mine today and can’t figure out how to get connected . the phone is made in Finland and the menu is different from what I see here, when I go to options, tools fand then connect , it would only go to Bluetooth options and no wi fi or any other connection shows

  • n8

    I can’t see the Joikuspot (on a Nokia N8) network on my Galaxytab, is it not possible to connect these two?

  • ”C”


    every time I select the Wi Fi my N8 doesn’t save the Wep key and it says it’s an invalid server name. little help guys!!!!! ”C”