The Symbian Anna update is out now: here’s how to update your phone!

Great news for Nokia Symbian^3 users – the Symbian Anna update is here! For Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 owners, that means you can now update your devices and start getting to grips with all the great new features Symbian Anna offers. Read on as we take you through the simple three-step process to update your phone! 

Symbian Anna video preview on the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01

Nokia promised the Symbian Anna update would be heading out to Nokia Symbian^3 users in August, and it’s been true to its word. We’re sure you’ve been reading all about the faster web browser, attractive new icons, portrait-style on-screen keyboard, improved Nokia Maps and all the other features Symbian Anna brings to existing Nokia smartphones – and now it’s time to experience them for yourself.

Because the Symbian Anna update is quite a large file, you need to use Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC to download and install it – it’s a simple three-step process, and will be over in no time.

Installing Symbian Anna in 3 easy steps

Step 1

To prepare your PC to download the update, open Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC and sign in to your Ovi account. Now connect your Symbian^3 smartphone to your PC using a USB cable.

Step 2

Once Nokia Ovi Suite recognises your phone, you should also see a Software Update notification icon along the icons toolbar at the top of the screen. Click on this icon, or alternatively click on the Tools menu and select Software updates.

Step 3

You’ll now see an Update available notification next to your phone, along with an Install button. Click on this button, and a second page will come up that should detail the Symbian Anna update in parts 1 of 2 and 2 of 2, with ticks against their boxes. Click on the Install button and Nokia Ovi Suite will take care of the rest, installing both updates without any further action required by you.

And that’s it! All you need to do now is disconnect your phone, reboot it and once it restarts you’re Symbian Anna update will be up and running. Welcome to your new brand new Nokia!

  • Sammy I

    After updating, the phone request to restart but it has taken a day and nothing is happening. i have tried the forced restart but the phone can’t restart anymore. all i get is the nokia letters in a white background. when connected to charge, the light seems on. any help how to get it working again?

  • Anonymous

    @aelnglish – the euro version will include non-US related content so it’s best to wait for a dedicated US version that supports the infrastructure there. Unless any other US NokNok reader has tried it out and would like to comment on their experiences?

  • Aelnglish

    can euro enhanced version work in North America? I got one unlocked but no internet connection, any advice?

  • Raazz

    i update almost everything but i can’t update Symbian Anna in my region i.e Qatar why is there any restrict for update of Symbian Anna for nokia c7 and another i can’t use my front camera of nokia c7 tooo…..plz anyone know about this solution plz let me know.

  • Prem

    U can update ur C7 only through nokia ovi suite. Use this method
    Connect data cable to ur PC > Open nokia ovi suite > go to tools > software update > device software

  • Rakesh Trentiya786

    after updating anna nokia c7 has nfc software my hand sat is c6-01 after updating my cell but nfc is not come in my cell

  • Antonis

    Nothing for Greece too…

  • Richard

    Richard – I’m writing from Canada. Checked for updates several times for my C-7 but always get the same reply “No updates available” What is the problem?

  • Anonymous

    @anitateech – have a word with your O2 supplier – they may now when their version is ready to roll.

  • Anonymous

    @ccsvchos – typically telco updates have their own tweaks and treats inside so you’ll need until Voda have their own specific version to roll out to its customers.

  • Anitateech

    Its the same for 02 users – no update – this is really frustrating. Ask 02 and they say its nokia – ask nokia and they say its 02 – what a load of trouble this update is….

  • robin horne

    followed the above instructions – no update available. Why?

  • Ccsvchost

    why isnt vodafone australia getting the update? Ive been waiting for a long time and still no anna…

  • Bossratul

    is the anna update for nokia c6 01 available in souhtasia??

  • Petehbsn

    still no Anna update for Tesco mobile users here in the UK. Why can’t Symbian just do a upgrade like they dowhen iphone has a update ?

  • Elbe31

    my nokia c7 after upgrade symbian anna ovi store can’t open just sawing loading and hang up the phone. any body pls can me advice>>>>????

  • avgathome

    Nokia are certainly winning friends here, no comment from them just shed loads of disgruntled customers, not surprising they are struggling to maintain market share.

  • Lfc1958

    ran this update and now my phone is dead!!

  • Darren Morin

    Hi there fellow Nokia users. I’m writing to you from Canada. I received the update to Symbian Anna on my N8 today. I updated via PC through the Ovi Suite. I was done inside of a half hour. There was an initial install, then a 2 part install (told me 1 of 2, 2 of 2). The phone started and restarted a couple of times, I just followed the prompts on the screen when asked (select language, etc). After all is said and done, I have a shiny “new” N8. So far I like Anna. It does seem speedier. The browser is much better. The new icons are nice, I like them. Good job, Nokia.

  • Derek Fielding

    its nkacked my phone up the dowload was not anna what the hell was it its not anna not full shilling dont use ovi suite if you want to still have an hear piece

  • Patdmk

    there is a mac software updater on the nokia betalabs website ;0)

  • Derek Fielding

    just done it let ovi suite do it for you 022.014 285MB 15 minutes with options to re- load if yuve
    problems with it working is this good or wot?

  • colin

    still no sign of the update

  • Rash

    I didn’t got 1/2 and 2/2….after clicking on install button, update started and completed without prompting any options.

    Is this OK??

  • Andrew Clark

    I’ve successfully done the main first update to symbian anna but I have now come to symbian anna update 1/2 and 2/2. Every time i try to install these using either ovi suite or software update, they fail…help!

  • Jon

    My E7 has device software version 014.002 installed but when I run my Ovi software update I get a message telling me there are no updates available. Does this mean that Symbian Anna is not available (yet) in UK?

  • Lupu Radu

    Not necessarily using your PC , you can also do it with the update manager app installed by default in the phone.
    It’s easy , and fast , but you should connect to an wifi network as there’s a large amount of data that’s going to be downloaded.
    You can also download using your carrier’s network but it will cost you a fortune if you’re not having any internet offer active.

  • Golux

    Thanks for the tutorial for PC users, now how about some help for the poor Mac users who have been left out in the cold?
    The Nokia software update page advice for Mac users looking to update to Symbian Anna says “please update via Wi-Fi” but unfortunately the SW Update app only offers one way – “Use your PC to update” !!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaargh!

  • Deancahill6

    When will it be available via 02. I wasted loads of time this morning trying to upgrade.

  • Av8rboi

    symbian anna really looks awesome..if someone wants to see nokia C7 getting updated please watch this video.. NFC is also enabled now in Nokia C7.. enjoy..!!

  • Tom

    Didn’t work on my UK Vodafone N8. The phone knows there is an update (if I go to software update on the phone). Plugged into my PC though and it thinks the software is the current version.

  • ricky

    Thank you for the update… love my C7 once again

  • Derrick

    Just ran an update through OVI suite on my pc and cameback with no update – Ran it also from my phone and it is apparently up to date….Is the update available for Ireland??

  • Chelle

    No software update avaiable when I sign into my Ovi Suite… Have followed the above instructions, what am I doing wrong or is Nokia having problems?

  • col

    Excellent…fantastic…great…superb…oh wait…I live in Australia, that means I need to wait another month or three before Nokia releases it here and then a further delay before the carrier buggerises around with it…

  • Bill Compton

    Is this only for unbranded phones? No update appears to be currently available for N8-00 PR1.2 014.002 (Product code 059C0T6 – UK Vodafone).

  • Archie

    my N8 says there are no updates available.. is there another way of downloading Anna?

  • Lucas

    still not hit for my unlocked UK n8. Been trying since 8am. Come on give me some love Anna

  • Sergejs Bižāns

    I did check it and there where no updates for my phone. Maybe because I’m in Easter Europe region?