Choose the best Nokia phones for video

No matter what your budget is for a new phone, chances are you’re hoping to do more than just make calls and write texts. You might want to watch a few video clips on the way to work, for instance, and might be wondering what the best Nokia is for the job in your price range. Well, read on and you’ll find out!

It’s easy to look at screen size as the most important factor when it comes to video playback satisfaction, but resolution plays a part too – in fact, the same resolution invariably looks better on smaller screens because they cram in more pixels per inch.

A good web connection is an essential factor if you’re looking to watch online video, while of course there’s also video you take yourself. Not all budget phones have video recording capabilities, but into the mid-range and above it’s a must-have feature.

High-end Nokia for video: Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 has many strengths, so it’s no surprise to see it get the nod for video too. What seals the deal is instant playback on your big-screen TV over HDMI using a single cable that’s provided in the box.

You can record clips up to 90 minutes long at 720p, and even if you stick to watching them on the 3.5in AMOLED screen, the 360 x 640-pixel resolution will keep them looking pin-sharp.

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Mid-range Nokia for video: Nokia C6

The Nokia C6, with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, may not seem like the most obvious choice for a great video phone. The 3.2in screen is bright and responsive, and has the same resolution as on the larger Nokia N8, so images are pin-sharp.

Clips are played back at up to 30 frames per second, while you can record video of your own at VGA resolution.

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Entry-level Nokia for video: Nokia X2

Being an entry-level device, the Nokia X2 isn’t exactly packed with multimedia goodies – despite its X Series moniker. But you do get a decent 2.2in screen and the ability to record clips of your own at QVGA, although playback is limited to just 20fps.

Still, even that much is a rarity at such an affordable price, so the Nokia X2 gets a big thumbs up from us for offering a decent level of video smarts for not much money at all.

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Worth considering: Nokia X6?

The Nokia X6 is fairly long in the tooth now, but when you consider its spacious 16GB of on-board storage and 640 x 480 recording abilities, there’s no reason to write it off as a top video performer just because it’s been around for a bit. Throw in the pin-sharp 3.2in touchscreen and you have a seriously capable phone for all your video needs.

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What do you reckon? Is your Nokia better than these for video playback? What do you look for when sizing up a new mobile for its video credentials? Let us know in the Comments.