Nokia E6: How to add contacts to your homescreen

Smartphones are all about communication, so you’ll want all your favourite contacts right there on your Nokia E6‘s homescreen for easy access – whether you’re looking to call them, email or send a message. We show you how to set it up in our Nokia E6: How to add contacts to your homescreen walkthrough. 

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The Nokia E6 is a great business device, featuring multiple input options and the versatility of Symbian Anna backing it up. To make it easier to stay in touch with your favourite contacts, the sensible thing to do is add them to the contacts widget on your homescreen.

You can store up to 20 contacts’ details this way, and it makes getting in touch as simple as swiping through the widget to locate their icon – or their photo even, tapping it and then selecting what you want to do.

Symbian Anna comes with the contacts widget already in place – if you’ve never used it, you’ll spot it as a widget with a contacts icon on the left labelled Add, with the text “Add your most important contacts here” to the right.

Simply give this a tap, and pick a contact you wish to add. Press OK, and that contact will be added. It really is that easy. But you don’t even have to do it one by one – you can pick multiple contacts (a tick will appear next to their names when you tap on them), and then simply tap OK at the end to add them all in one go.

Once your first contact is added, you’ll notice the Add icon is still there as before, but now there’s a Remove icon too, which lets you trim the contacts in the widget in the exact same way as you add them.

The contacts widget is only able to display four contacts at a time, but simply swipe across it to see more. Note that any photos you’ve added to your contacts’ information page will be displayed here too.

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