Nokia C7 and Symbian Belle: what can we expect?

The NFC-equipped Nokia C7 is one of the current range of Nokia phones being lined up for a fresh lick of smartphone paint in the form of the Symbian Belle update. Let’s check out what to expect when it arrives. Check out our full Nokia C7 Review Roundup

The Nokia C7 isn’t quite in the same high-end league as the business class Nokia E7 or the ever-popular Nokia N8 camera superstar, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in appeal.

It caters for a slightly more budget and size-conscious smartphone user than its more premium brethren, and also boast a trump card that neither can match: built-in NFC support.

It’s a feature Nokia C7 users are only now getting to grips with, as it was only activated with the arrival of the Symbian Anna update recently. But with Nokia clearly having embraced NFC as a central part of Symbian’s future, it puts the Nokia C7 in a unique place among the handsets being lined up to receive Symbian Belle via software update in the months to come.

So let’s take a quick run-through of the changes that are coming:

Drop-down status bar: notification icons are displayed in a bar along the top of the screen in Symbian Belle, which isn’t worlds apart from he approach used in Symbian Anna. But there’s a difference – in Symbian Belle you can drag the menu downwards to get all the details you need directly on your homescreen.

More homescreens: and speaking of homescreens, you’ve got more of them to play with too – as many as six, should you choose to have that many. For a device as focused on social interaction as the Nokia C7, it’s a great way to group your favourite services together so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Free-form widgets: another significant change is the arrival of free-form resizeable widgets. This means you don’t just have a single size and style available for each homescreen widget, as is the case with Symbian Anna. Instead you can choose from a number of different sizes, and arrange them on your homescreens however you like.

NFC: there’s no question that NFC is a big part of what’s good about Symbian Belle, and uniquely among the crop of Symbian Anna handsets looking forward to a software update, the Nokia C7 has the hardware capabilities to support it. In theory, then, this should allow the Nokia C7 to use services such as Tap to Share and Tap to Pair, and get the most of Symbian Belle’s NFC smarts.

Nokia C7 users: does Symbian Belle give your handset fresh appeal going forward, and are you looking forward to the upgrade? Let us know in the Comments.

  • Pips1986

    i have a C7 and i’m checking everyday for the Symbian Belle availability!! can’t wait to get the option where we can turn the wi-fi off & the restart problems solved as they say in the Belle there an official date yet??

  • Mr Smile

    We got nokia c7 with 680Mhz CPU and 256 MB RAM, but we trust Nokia never make us unhappy or sad. Hope Symbian Belle is compatible for our deveice.
    Where ever there is a talk about device with 1Ghz CPU and 512 MB of RAM and OS that compatible with latest device only. We don’t need that at all, because here we are talking about cell phone not a laptop and windows OS.
    If Nokia wish their user and fans have to buy new handsets every time with every new updates release………. why not wait until Nokia develop a handset with i7 process and Windows 8 OS in it?

  • Syed SherShah

    when will this symbian belle be available for my nokia c7

  • shyammjewellers

    I got my nokia c7 in august ist week. there are some good points as well as some bad points good was was that 1.awesome camera and photo was quite sharp and clear and hd recording which is very awesome. 2nd inbuilt facebook and twitter access and we can assign our emails in homescreens only 3. better internet facility even in 2g. now bad points 1.when we make camera to focus on newspaper or to focus on any reading material nokia c7 is unable to take clear photos. so speed like android as my friend have lg optimus 1 of rs 11000 and my nokia c7 17800.. i want more speed. thats all i like my nokia c7 .

  • Stuart Alldritt

    Absolutely looking forward to the upgrade. You mention NFC though, and this is something I want to point out. There are NO apps using NFC yet, except the Angry Birds app that came with Anna. Why? Because the current builds of Qt don’t work. NFC apps will not run on Symbian phones right now, and as a developer this is frustrating. I’ve wanted to make NFC work for a long time, and finally the update comes out for it and I can’t develop anything because the software is broken.

  • Pasha811

    I got the C7 because of Anna. Unfortunately it was one week before official N701 availability in my country. I was told it would have been October end, while it was October 1st.
    I will upgrade to Belle because for me it offers a better than Android experience. Nokia should not stop to invest in Symbian! It has room to grow in its uniqueness. Only concern it’s that it has been shipped on new devices with 1Ghz CPU and 512MB RAM, while C7 we know runs 680Mhz CPU and 256MB RAM. I am afraid that Belle can make my C7 jitter and unresponsive but I trust Nokia. Let’s see.