Nokia N8 vs. Apple iPhone 4S: Which has the best camera?

Nokia N8 smartphone cameraFollowing the release of the iPhone 4S earlier this week, many have disputed Apple’s claims that the iPhone features the ‘best camera ever on a phone’. With the Nokia N8’s far more advanced camera having already won acclaim for more than a year, one man has done the sums and conclusively proved that the Nokia N8 is still the world’s greatest camera-phone.

Nokia N8 vs. Apple iPhone 4S: All you need to know

With the Apple iPhone 4S only sporting a humble 8-Megapixel camera, compared to the Nokia N8’s 12-Megapixel, Carl Zeiss lens-equipped offering, there’s little reason to doubt which one is best. But that wasn’t enough for’s Steve Litchfield, who was quick to get to work and comprehensively prove exactly why the year-old Nokia N8 camera is leaps and bounds ahead of the iPhone 4S.

As well as discussing the Nokia N8’s Carl Zeiss lens, Neutral Density filter and Xenon flash, Steve managed to show how the N8’s 720p HD video capture beats the iPhone 4S, and even delivers an all-inclusive comparison of how five of the world’s top smartphone cameras stack up against each other. The verdict is in; the Nokia N8 is still officially the world’s best camera-phone!

What do you think of the Apple iPhone 4S camera? Are you impressed by everything that it has to offer or do you agree that the Nokia N8 is still the camera-phone to beat? Why not let us know your thought in the Comments below.

  • Sin Pip

    i meed one n8 is really nice

  • Shamol Akand


  • Anonymous

    I ditched my N8 because the earpiece volume is absolutely dismal, in fact for me in a noisy environment (i.e. on a bus) it made my N8 unusable.
    Also, the design and in particular the location of the rear speaker is shocking, and must have been designed by a 10 year old (pity about all those older employees that Nokia sacked – don’t think they would have made such a fundamental design error). With the phone placed face up on any surface, in particular soft surfaces, or in a belt pouch, the phone ring is completely inaudible!
    These design flaws completely ruin an otherwise good (maybe even great) phone.
    I’ve replaced mine with a Sansung Galaxy S2 which is OK, but has much less 3G and WiFi sensitivity (it doesn’t work in fringe areas where the N8 does).
    Oh, and by the way the N8 camera is fantastic (especially the xenon flash) – much better than my friends iPhone4 and my Galaxy S2.

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry but this site is ridiculous, im a fan of nokia,and thought the n9 was a great phone..if a little underspecced..but the n8 was vastly out of date when it was released a year ago..comparing it to the 4s is stupid..its non comparable in any way…the n8 may have a better camera or not, either way they cannot be mentioned on the same page.

    Tomorrow if nokia release a similar quality phone as the n9 with better processing power, a similar quality 12mp camera that shoots 1080p..then that can be compared to the top androids and apples best…not the rubbish n8.

    ps ill be suprissed if this even gets posted, as the comments seem to be vetted.

  • Medel Silva

    Nokia N8 is the best camera phone in the world! :)

  • Medel Silva

    Nokia N8 is the best camera phone in the world! :)

  • Tan mary

    Nokia n8 = smartphone !

  • Napsaint

    NOKIA PHONES ARE QUALITY, i need n8 now…

  • Basith Ct

    n8 is the best..

  • Basith Ct

    defntly n8…n8 is the best…

  • Abkhan567

    n8 is much economical…

  • Arjun1533

    N8 better

  • Gurwinder saini

    n8 best……….

  • MadmattyC

    Just buy a point and shoot. Other wise iPhone is WAY more practical for overall features and use then Nokia.

  • Thassim Raqeeb

    N8 has the best cam

  • Dreamsz143


  • Shahnawaz

    The World’s best Smartphone Is N8 & only N8……….

  • Umair Zia

    n8 is better

  • Scottw

    The Nokia N8 is now scarce in Australia and the Anna update is yet to be available. I’d still would love to get one

  • Hcr62

    Like a lambo and a corvette.

  • Anonymous

    Allaboutsymbian had this on there site,but the Nokia N8 was still the Best out there,as the iPhone4s did not have good sensor light to match the N8,an with the Xenon Flash the N8 will be very hard to beat,Well done Nokia

  • Syedzahhaa1963

    N8 rules ..

  • Кирилл Колесник

    n8 still better , but iphone is still greater

  • Debiasematt

    Nokia n8 is better