Nokia 700 versus Nokia X6 hands-on review (photo heavy)

The Nokia 700 with its 3.2-inch touchscreen and Symbian Belle operating system is, in many ways, the natural successor to the Nokia X6, which is why we thought it worth getting them side-by-side for a comparative review. Join us as we give the Nokia 700 versus Nokia X6 a hands-on review.

The Nokia X6 was the first capacitive touchscreen device to be launched by Nokia but the same screen technology as the Nokia 700 isn’t the only thing they have in common, as both mid-range smartphones strive to bring a unique look and feel to a market where plain boxes seem to offer nothing in the way of originality.

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The 3.2-inch screen of the Nokia 700 uses ClearBlack technology sitting on top of the AMOLED screen, which means it can be easily read no matter your location or position, so can be used outdoors just as comfortably as indoors.

The striking look of the Nokia X6 split opinion but the Nokia 700 is already garnering praise for its look and feel. Moving away from the screen, just take one look at our Nokia 700 versus Nokia X6 photo gallery below and you’ll see how slim and svelte the Nokia 700 really is. Weighing in at just 96g, compared to the 122g of the Nokia X6 and measuring just 110 x 50 x 9.7 mm, it looks and feels like the slimmest smartphone in its price range to us.

It’s not just design where the Nokia stands out, as the 5-Megapixel camera it uses may be the same pixel count as the Nokia X6 and be pretty much entry-level for camera phones these days but the 720p video capture at 30fps was something we could only aspire to with the Nokia X6.

Then there is that 1GHz processor that helps the Nokia 700 simply fly through multiple homescreens and firing up apps is quick and easy to do. The big change, though, has to be the many improvements Nokia has made to the operating system of the Nokia 700, with the fresh-baked Symbian Belle sizzling in situ. Sure, the Nokia X6 worked well with Symbian^1 but if you’re really looking to see how far platform development has come then Belle is what you need to be using We’ve only been using it for a short time but instantly found it quick and easy to use.

We know the Nokia X6 is still being offered in many contract upgrade deals but if you’re thinking that it’s time you made the move to a new phone but want the same screen size, we think it’s time you met the Nokia 700, as it’s a great smartphone at a great mid-range price.

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Check out our Nokia 700 versus Nokia X6 photo gallery:

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