Nokia 5800 Firmware v60.0.003 update now available

Nokia 5800 v60.0.003 firmware updateThe v60.0.003 firmware update is now available for Nokia 5800 Series 60 phones and can be installed quickly and easily using FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air). Downloadable in a small 7MB file, it brings a range of handy software additions and speed tweaks to your Nokia 5800 handset.

  • geysar

    how to get V60 version no buddy know?

  • Shuhaibalayin

    how can i get that v60 version, when i trying to update it shows like “no latest update for ur device”. now iam using v 52.0.101 version. plsssssssssss help meeeeeeee

  • Itftkd_3

    changed my product code, checked at nokia website and v60 is available for that product code but nokia suite/sw update or *#0000# shows no v60 update

  • Fabianr_42

    The firmware of the nokia 5530 has a bug, facebook is locked, I don’t open the app!!!

  • Grenyudoh

    download navifirm, and phoenix, search for a tutorial and read it carefully, because your device can be turned into an expensive brick,

  • Ammarhamdan

    how can i change my product code>>>>>>>> :(

  • Abdul Hakam

    early morning while sleeping i got a msg “new recommended update available” but i slept again. then forgot thought it might be a dream…. just now checked without belief…but shocked…wooooooooooooooooow wad an update…really awesome….

  • Whipwurmz

    change your product code.

  • Edwardeded

    One more question. I didn’t found any emotion icon even the firmware is updated. Is it different for different area or phone model?? (I am from Hong Kong, using 5800 ExpressMusic, Chinese version)

  • Edwardeded

    I am from Hong Kong, I have just got the update yesterday. I’ve tried the new brower and slide-to-unlock feature. They both are pretty great comparing with the old one. The updated firmware free up the memory by over 10MB. However, maybe more RAM as been used, so the message “Not enough memory, please close some applications before use” always shown up.(sorry, it is just my translation, as I use Chinese version) Anyone have met the same problem?

  • Spaceman

    Did you manage to update your phone, I haven’t yet, I went to SW update and couldn’t find anything there, as for refresh updates, couldn’t find that either, pressed *#0000# checked for latest update, nothing there either, connected my phone to my computer and checked for updates that way, can anyone help please? Really want the new update, thanks in advance for any help :-(

  • Fasfajdiaufie

    yes, its latest firmare for Nokia 5800

  • Fasfajdiaufie

    yes, its latest firmare for Nokia 5800

  • Gastón

    People, this is the latest software? when it came out? and where I can download?

  • Puru

    yeah, same was with me. There is an inbuilt application, SW update. refresh updates in that. You will be able to see update there. If it’s not helping, you can update via nokia suite(latest, old version may not show the update).

  • Usersrm

    Just updated using pc & nokia suite.New web browser.

  • Wynand van Staden

    Updated mine about two weeks ago. Loving the new browser. Much better scrolling on web pages too. And just uncovered an awesome new feature, by accident. To unlock the screen, you can now simply press the menu key once, and then slide to open. This also displays the time and date quite prominently on the screen, so you don’t have to fully unlock to see the time. Awesome. Let’s call it a happy accident :)

  • Carry

    my phone cant update…it tells me no update available. i m using v 52.0.007and wants to upgrade v60. any others way to update it?

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