Nokia Lumia 800 game review: Jet Car Stunts WP

Thanks to its gorgeous screen, powerful speakers and great usability, the Nokia Lumia 800 is perfect for the best in smartphone gaming. We’ve been trying out the best games you can play on the new Nokia Windows Phone and today we’ve been hitting the race-track with Jet Car Stunts WP.

With its beautiful 3D graphics, fantastic controls and challenging levels, Jet Car Stunts WP is a perfect racer on the Lumia 800. You can get into the game in a matter of seconds, but the steep, yet satisfying, learning curve will have you glued to your screen for days as you try to master the tough race courses.

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At first glance, the aim of the game is a simple case of getting from A to B on a series of colourful 3D racetracks, located high above the clouds. Once you hit the first turn though, you quickly realise this is no ordinary racer and you must use your brains as well as your gas pedal, if you’re to cross the finish line in one piece.

With ramps to leap, divides to cross and hoops to jump through, you spend as much time in the air as you do on the ground, forcing you to think strategically and spatially while you careen around the racetrack at hundreds of miles an hour. And did we mention that there’s often no wall to stop you plummeting to your doom?

Controlling your car is easy, thanks to the great control system. For starters, steering is handled by the Lumia 800’s built-in accelerometer, letting you hold the handset like a steering wheel and navigate your way around the many tight corners. Offering incredibly tactile control, it really puts you right in the driver’s seat.

Braking, acceleration and reversing are handled via large onscreen buttons, which you can press with your thumbs as you steer. And a high-powered turbo button gives you a powerful blast of speed whenever you need to rocket across a ravine; although your turbo power is not unlimited, forcing you to use it cunningly and sparingly.

As well as the standard platforming and time-trial race modes, you can also play a freestyle stunt mode, which requires you to perform tricky stunts under a time limit. Almost as teeth-gnashingly tough and addictive as the normal race modes, it helps you to master your car controls and develop skills that you can take back to the racetrack.

If you’re a race-fan in need of a big boost of adrenaline on the way to work each day, Jet Car Stunts WP is the perfect game for you and your Nokia Lumia 800. And for anyone else that’s just looking for a great way to stay entertained on the move, this is still a fantastic game for anyone to try.

Jet Car Stunts WP is available now for the Nokia Lumia 800 via the Windows Phone Marketplace for just £2.29.

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