Nokia Lumia 800: How to transfer contacts

Once you own a Nokia Lumia 800 the first thing you’ll want to do is add contacts from your old Nokia Symbian smartphone. We wanted to copy contacts from our Nokia N8 and found it incredibly easy. Read on to find out how to transfer contacts to your Nokia Lumia 800.

It doesn’t matter what phone you’re using, when you switch to the Nokia Lumia 800 the first thing you’ll find is how easy it is to make your own. The first step will be to add contacts from your old phone. The easiest way to do this is via Bluetooth.

The Windows Phone 7.5 operating system makes it easy to transfer contacts. Tap the arrow to go to the second page menu. On here you’ll find a simple Contacts Transfer app, tap it and make sure Bluetooth is switched on in your Nokia Lumia 800.

Once it’s switched on you’ll find any devices in your area that are using Bluetooth and visible. Select your old Nokia phone and accept the pairing. One linked you’ll find that contacts are sent over automatically. How easy is that?

We’re been amazed at how easy it is to make the Nokia Lumia 800 personalised to your own look and feel.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Sorry to hear that. Sounds like you’ve been unfortunate with that one device.

  • Deepika

    I transferred contacts from samsung wave 525 to nokia lumia 800.. It showed contacts transferred but i got only limited contacts in my lumia mobile.. may i know the reason?

  • Aaron Puls

    I am amazed at how something so simple can go so horribly wrong. I have tried every method under the sun and I cannot tranfer contacts from my old nokia to my lumia 800. Is a working contacts transfer system with THEIR OWN phones too much for Nokia??

  • S J James

    Can you download texts from the Lumia to a pc?

  • Ben

    My contacts couldn’t be copied from my nokia N95 to the lumia, and having read all the ideas on the web, i came up with another one. I tried pairing my work nokia (an older, simple nokia) to the contact transfer in the lumia, and that works.
    Hence, using nokia (ovi) suite
    – create backup file of contacts from work phone
    – create backup file of contacts from n95
    – delete all contacts on work phone, then restore the N95 file into the work phone
    (so now my work phone contains all my contacts)
    then, sync over bluetooth the the lumia import contacts feature. Worked PERFECTLY!
    – the just restored the work contacts backup file back into my work phone.

  • Andrew Green

    I transferred all my contacts and calendar from an N900 to my Lumia. There are a number of simple steps involved:


    1) Use Nokia PC Suit or Ovi to copy all contacts from phone to your Computer (VCF format)
    2) I used Windows 7, so typed Contacts into “Search Programs and files”, then open the Contacts folder on your computer (I don’t know if there is a similar function for Vista, XP or any other OS)
    3) In the Contacts folder, use the “Import” function (option in the window toolbar) to import all VSF contacts that you’ve just saved on your computer
    4) Once they’re all imported, use the Export function to export as a CSV file (it looks like an Excel spreadsheet)
    5) In Windows Live Hotmail, use the Import Contacts function, select Import from Outlook, it gives you the option to import a CSV file from your computer – iport the CSV file you’ve just created
    6) Synchronise your Lumia with you Windows Live account, all contacts will be transferred over. As the formats used are slightly different, some of the details may show in Hotmail on Windows Live, but not transfer to your phone unless you edit the details appropriately. From experience, it is much easier to edit contacts in Gmail, so you may want to import the CSV file to Gmail, edit the details there (mobile phone numbers don’t always transfer to the Lumia unless they’re showing in Hotmail/GMail as a Mobile (Cell) phone). I find it quicker to edir in GMail then import from Gmail to Windows Live Hotmail, then sync with your phone (or alternatively, just add your GMail account to your Lumia)

    It is that simple…


    1) Use Nokia PC Suit or Ovi to copy all calendar entries from phone to your Computer (text format)
    2) In Windows Live Hotmail, use the “Subscribe” function when you’re in your Calendar, use the “Import from ICS file” function (into an existing file) – select the text file you saved from step (1) above – all calendar entries will be copied into your Windows Live Hotmail Calendar, synchronise your phone, all calendar entries will now be on your phone.

    It’s easy when you know how….


  • Ronald Wierda

    You can export all your contacts to a vcard. You get a .vcf file with all your contact. Then import then vcard (.vcf) file in your windows ID account or Google account. You need a Windows ID, so that’s the easiest way. I did it with an google account

  • Sprocket

    Not at all surprised to see all these posts. I had a problem with my first Lumia 800 and had a second one for a few days but, guess what, I could not even pair the two Lumia 800s to transfer my contacts over. I couldn’t pair either of them to the hands free speaker kit in my car. I contacted Nokia about it but haven’t had a reply yet. I suspect it’s down to version differences, although that doesn’t explain why 2 Lumia 800s wouldn’t pair! Fortunately I still had all my contacts on my old HTC Desire and was able to import them again onto the new Lumia. All in all, very disappointing support of Bluetooth by Nokia.

  • Krissii

    Right, it IS do able, but be warned, it is also a pain in the *bleep*

    You need Microsoft Outlook to do it, and it has to be a version from 2003 or later! If yours is an earlier version (mine was 2002) it WILL NOT WORK! In this case, you can still get around it by downloading a trial of Office from Microsoft, which you will then have to install, but just know that the auto install DOESN’T install Outlook! You need to click advanced and manually tell it to install that too!

    You will also need to install the Microsoft Hotmail Connector, which you can get here:

    You need to ‘sync’ your N900 to your pc using NOKIA PC SUITE. Nokia Suite and Nokia Ovi Suite WILL NOT WORK! You will need to tell it to sync to Microsoft Outlook.

    After synchronizing your contacts to Microsoft Outlook, you can now synchronize your contacts from Microsoft Outlook to your Windows Hotmail account.

    Please refer to these steps: Export Outlook Contacts:
    1. In Outlook, on the ‘File Menu’, click ‘Import and Export’
    2. Click ‘Export to file, and then click ‘ Next’
    3. Click ‘Comma Separated Values (Windows)’, and then click ‘Next’
    4. In the folder list, click the ‘Contacts folder, and then click ‘Next’
    5. Browse to the folder where you want to save the items as a .csv file.
    6. Type a name for the exported file, and then click ‘OK’
    7. Click ‘Next’
    8. Click ‘Finish’

    To import from a .csv file to your primary Windows Live ID:
    1. Sign in to your primary Windows Live ID:
    2. Select Manage, Import
    3. Select ‘Outlook’
    4. Selct ‘Microsoft Outlook (Using CSV)’
    5. Click ‘Browse’, select . csv file, click open
    6. Click ‘Import Contacts’

    I do warn you, this is a total pain, and it may miss some of the numbers, but at least MOST of the info will be imported over!

    I did manage to sync my calendar too, but without my own pc in front of me (I’m at work!) I couldn’t begin to tell you how!

    Good luck and hope this helps :)

  • Nicholls22

    I have spent hours on this. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to sync or copy old contact over.

    The Phones contact transfer via bluetooth seems to be a good idea, but when its limited by what it will supported is, well, pointless. I tried to use Nokia pc suite to back up the old phone (Nokia E51) and the restore the contacts to the Lumia 800, but it’s not compatible either. So I used I tried exporting the contacts from the actual backup using a nokia backup reader, and then transfering contacts from my laptop via bluetooth…guess what…..not supported. So, I then downloaded the actual suporting software Zune, thinking I would easily be able to sync the contacts over……..not as simple as that i’m afraid.

    So unless you have a mail exchange account or an already new smartphone, be ready to manually add you contacts.

  • Joe Blow

    When I attempted to connect (via Bluetooth) and after pairing it simply says “Unable to complete the connection to the phone, or the connected phone is not supported. Please try connecting again, or choose a different phone.”

    It was a bit frustrating, so I initially tried copying my contacts from the old phone to the SIM card. However, due to the limitations of SIMs – only being able to store a name/number pair I had numerous duplicates for all those contacts who have more than one phone number. This method also did not copy other details such as emails, addresses, etc…

    Fortunately, in the end, seeing as I don’t have many friends (*big sigh*) I just re-entered them all manually into my new phone. Personally, I didn’t find this too much of a problem as it gave me the opportunity to give all my contacts a good old tidy up… Why I have name and numbers of people I once meet 5 years ago I don’t know!! Anyway it also gave me another excuse to play/practice with the new phone! ;)

    The way Windows Phone handles contacts, I think, is extremely good and intiutive – I don’t use Facebook (one of an increasing minority!), but it linked my accounts with LinkedIn (for work contacts) and those few people I have on my Google Account(s) flawlessly.

    So, I have to admit this was all a bit of pain, but for my particular situation it didn’t turn out to be a big deal. I know that I probably could have persevered and copied my contacts from my old phone to, say Outlook, then synced to Windows Live, etc, etc… To be honest though I think this is definitely an area that MS should look to improving. I have all my contacts backed up to my personal address book on my Windows Desktop – why can’t Zune see this and help me copy these back to the new phone, for example..?

  • Shonky dogstar

    Same here. N900 to Lumia 800 contacts trasfer is not working.
    not able to sync via nokia/ovi suite, as both phones use different software.
    really not impressed if i have to use outlook, or some export as .csv file, then import function… ah well. enjoying the Lumia 800 otherwise. nice to be a user to a change :)

  • Phill M

    Can’t transfer contacts in from E71 to lumia 800.

  • Giorgos Michaelides

    Please treat as URGENT – N900 to Lumia 800 does not work as described before. Lots and lots of entries cannot enter manually. Used my Microsoft Outlook local pst file for contacts.

  • Krissii

    I have even emailed Nokia for help and had two replies, but neither of them have worked with what they have suggested. I’m still at a total loss as to what to do? Bob is dead right, even if they are different operating systems, they are still Nokia phones, and you would think they would have made it so that they could work together! :o/

  • Helen dennison

    I need to transfer my calender, I normally use nokia PC suite but when I try to connect my lumia it wont find it. What do I need to do?

  • Helen dennison

    I need to transfer my calender, I normally use nokia PC suite but when I try to connect my lumia it wont find it. What do I need to do?

  • Bob

    I have exactly the same problem as Krissii, have ended up adding the most important contacts by hand :/. You’d think they’d provide a solution for one of their own phones? don’t know if it has anything to with Maemo WP 7.5?

  • Bob

    I have exactly the same problem as Krissii, have ended up adding the most important contacts by hand :/. You’d think they’d provide a solution for one of their own phones? don’t know if it has anything to with Maemo WP 7.5?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to hear that Joe, any reason why it didn’t work? Even better, do you have a work around you can share with us all?

  • Kirksl

    Will this work with non-Nokia phones? Android, iPhone, etc?

  • Joe Blow

    The Contacts Transfer app did not manage to transfer contacts from my previous Nokia 6300 phone – so for me was pretty much useless!

  • Krissii

    any idea how to transfer contacts from N900 to Lumia 800?? Bluetooth doesn’t work, contact transfer doesn’t work, I’m completely stuck! Any help appreciated! With over 300 entries in my contacts, and lots of addresses, birthdays, calendar entries etc, the thought of not being able to import them is very much ruining the Lumia for me :(