Nokia Lumia 800 survives MACH 5 wind tunnel test

The Nokia Lumia 800 is an astonishing smartphone. Not only is it the first ‘real Windows Phone’ it’s also an incredibly good looking piece of kit. What’s more it’s been designed to be as tough as nails, which got us thinking how it would stand up to an extreme test. With that in mind find out whether the Nokia Lumia 800 survives our extreme MACH 5 wind tunnel test.

Can the Nokia Lumia 800 survive the extreme pressures of a MACH 5 wind tunnel? That’s the question we’re here to find out. To give you some idea of the stresses and strains the smartphone will be going through, MACH 5 is classed as ‘hypersonic’, something akin to a jet pilot going into a nose dive.

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 With that in mind, buckle in, sit back and prepare to see the Nokia Lumia 800 in the ride of its life!