Nokia Suite Beta version firmware update

Nokia Suite Beta has received a firmware update over the weekend taking it to Nokia Suite Beta version, bringing with it no physical changes but a number of bug fixes, particularly for the Nokia 500. 

The Nokia Suite Beta has been in development for sometime and last received an update as part of the Nokia Belle roll-out. In fact, if you wanted to take full advantage of the update you needed to have this software on your PC.

Now it seems the same is happening for Nokia 500 users as the Nokia Suite Beta version firmware update hit systems over the last few days prompting users to update. We’ve done so, it only take a few minutes, and while there seems to be no physical change to the appearance of Nokia Suite but you will find it more stable. 

Nokia Ovi Suite Beta ready for download

The update was flagged up by Windows 7 as a dialogue box popping up on the desktop but you can check to see whether the Nokia Suite Beta version firmware update has hit your computer simply by checking with the update section in the taskbar. If the update is ready you’ll see an alert on the tab, it’s that easy!

We’ve not seen an official changelog for Nokia Suite Beta version but it did mention that it was aimed at getting Nokia 500 users ready for Nokia Belle, which is great news for those using the budget Symbian Anna device.

Noticed anything new with the updated Nokia Suite Beta release? Let us know in the Comments below.

 Check out our Nokia Suite Beta version firmware update image gallery: