Pinsation for Pinterest review for Windows Phone

Pinterest is the latest ‘buzz’ social media site of the moment, allowing you to ‘pin’ images and notes to a virtual pinboard. With Pinsation on your Nokia Lumia smartphone, we used our Nokia Lumia 800 but it would work amazing on the larger Nokia Lumia 900, you can easily make the most of it on the move.

Pinsation is a free app from the Windows Phone Marketplace that we’ve downloaded onto our Nokia Lumia 800 to see how well it handles pinning images to our Pinterest boards. The app itself is nice and clean with a simple layout that opens on an Explore page with a host of categories and even a search bar for rooting out more esoteric subjects.

A small niggle is that the app only works in Portrait mode, which isn’t a problem on the 3.7-inch of the Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 710, and will be ideal for the 4.3-inch screen of the Nokia Lumia 900 when it launches. No, the problem is that the name of the app sites at the top of the screen but doesn’t quite fit, something the developer needs to tweak, we think!

Swipe right and you’ll find there are a host of pages, from Following showing you the pinboards of friends and others you’re keen to keep an eye on, Popular with the option to delve deeper, your Profile page (more below about that) and recent activity – typically the people who have started to follow you.

The Profile page allows you to drill down into your own Profile that simply profiles how many pins you’ve added, as well as the number of likes you’ve got. There is also a Location icon. The main profile page also has Add Pin, Create Board as well as allowing you to log in. What we like about Pinsation is that you can log in using your Facebook profile, just as with the main site itself, which streamlines the number of logins you need to remember.

To add a pin simply tap the icon and choose to add an image from your camera roll on Windows Phone. Creating a new board is just as easy, simply tap the icon, fill in the details, choose one of the pre-loaded categories and you’re away.

Pinsation is a neat little app that in this latest version makes keeping tabs on your pins when you’re out and about a whole lot smoother and easier to handle!

DOWNLOAD: Pinsation at Windows Phone Marketplace

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