Netflix app for Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia hits UK

Netflix is set to release a version of the Netflix app for Windows Phone, which is particularly great news for owners of the Nokia Lumia 900 with its 4.3-inch screen, as well as owners of the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

If you already have a Netflix account here in the UK (or Ireland) you can know get even greater flexibility when using your Nokia Lumia smartphone as the Netflix app has just been made available.

Like its US counterpart, the Netflix app offers up all the major skills of the other Netflix apps, such as being able to watch programmes over 3G as well as Wi-Fi connections. Then there are the more advanced features, including subtitles, localised language support and even inter-country support, obviously Netflix needs to be available in the country you’re visiting for it to work!

If further proof were needed that Netflix is working hard to make the service the de facto streaming tool for all users, then you’ll be interested to know it’s just added access to subtitles, closed captioning and alternate audio tracks to US and Canadian users, while an updated Xbox 360 app actually allows non-US users to share content using Facebook.

The Netflix app is set to appear on the Windows Phone Marketplace as a free download.  

(Via Netflix)

  • Philovermire

    app is here but unable to install it on lumia 800 because it keeps asking to install silverlight, which it won’t……any ideas?

  • Waynemross

    Netflix app can’t wait to get it. How long will it b I wonder. Want it. NOW!!!!.