Nokia Lumia 610 and NFC – why it’s a game changer

Not only will the Nokia Lumia 610 be the most affordable Nokia Lumia smartphone, it’s also one of the most forward-thinking. It is the first Nokia Lumia, and the first Windows Phone, to feature Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that will soon change the way we all use smartphones. 

Nokia Lumia 610 – Everything you need to know

Nokia has just announced that network provider Orange will be the first to offer the Nokia Lumia 610 with NFC technology, letting users share, connect and interact with other NFC-compatible devices and surfaces tagged with NFC chips including posters and objects.

It’s a fantastic technology that makes the fiddly things easy, and the easy things even easier. NFC technology has been floating in the background for a while up to now, but thanks to new handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 610 we can expect to hear lots more about NFC in 2012.

You can do lots of cool things with NFC. The technology will change the way we use our devices, from sharing files between two handsets to ordering taxis by touching an NFC-chipped surface. The possibilities for NFC are endless in both everyday situations and emergencies.

Sharing content with one another used to involve (and it still does) pairing with another device using Bluetooth technology. While the technology is still widely used, it can be inconvenient and unreliable.

With NFC you simply touch one NFC phone to another NFC phone. It’s the same with sharing photos. And because we all love sharing so much, it’s now easier to check into locations using social networks such as Foursquare.

Out and about, adverts will be easier to tap into. Say you’ve seen an ad or poster for a product you like the look of. Tapping it with your Nokia Lumia 610 might send you to that company’s Twitter or Facebook page, or direct you to a web link with a special offer.  

You will also be able to use your NFC Nokia Lumia 610 as a form of wireless and card-less payment tool that you can use to pay for items. The implications are that in future your phone could replace your wallet and travel card.

And when you’re back at home you can pair your NFC-enabled Nokia Lumia 610 with a pair of Nokia Play 360° speakers. Tapping the phone on the speakers lets you stream music from your phone, through the speaker as if by magic minus the annoying pair up system you get with Bluetooth. There are lots more NFC-enabled accessories too, such as the Nokia Essence: a Bluetooth Stereo Headset that eliminates up to 99.8 per cent of background noise.

In future we can expect to see Nokia, and many more advertisers, manufacturers and brands find more uses for NFC. If the uses we’ve discussed are anything to go by: the more the better.