10 Windows Phone Xbox Live games for your Nokia Lumia for less than a pound

Great news, Nokia Lumia gaming fans. The Windows Phone Marketplace has just permanently cut the price of a batch of colourful and charming Xbox Live games to less than a quid. That makes ten Xbox Live games you can download for for your Nokia Lumia 710, 800 or Nokia Lumia 900 (when it goes on sale) for under the magic £1 mark. You can find them all here.

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In a bout of generosity to coincide with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 a number of games have been slashed to just 79p. And guess what: they’re all great. Here we’ve rounded each one up, along with a few more Xbox Live bargains.

Burn the Rope
Cost: £0.79

The aim is to burn the rope as much as possible. The fire only burns upwards, so its up to you to rotate the level in order to keep the flame alight in this addictive Windows Phone game.

de Blob

Cost: £0.79 

The I.N.K.T. Corporation has decided that all things colourful are a crime. As de Blob players must defeat the bad guys to restore the city’s colour, returning it to its brightly-shaded glory.

Doodle God
Cost: £0.79
Doodle God for Windows Phone lets you play God. Build and create by mixing and matching elements to create and build armies and civilizations, complete with full Xbox Live functionality and Achievements.


Cost: £0.79 

For just 79 pence you get access to 35 levels of challenging gameplay, each with end of level bosses that push players to the limit. The XP progression system makes it all the more rewarding.

Max and the Magic Marker
Cost: £0.79 

Max and the Magic Marker is one of the most innovative games to have hit the smartphone. In it you take on the role as Max who must make his way past enemies and obstacles courtesy of your freehand drawing skills.

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp

Cost: £0.79
There’s nothing child’s play about war. Even when toy soldiers are involved. This addictive shooting game features within it lots of fun mini games filled with military aircraft, bombers and explosions. How high can you score in this fun little blast-em-up?

And some more for under £1: 


Cost: Free 

This colourful little mobile has you planting flowers with the aim of notching up the highest score possible. It comes with standard and expert modes and full Xbox Live leaderboards and Achievements.

Bug Village
Cost: Free

This free game requires players to don their hard hat and get constructing homes to colourful bugs that must be fed and looked after. It’s a kind of bug simulator in which players must also nurture their own village and garden while shooing away unwanted intruders.

Cost: Free
it might look like a walk in the park, but there’s more to Breeze than meets the eye. Breeze is a game of skill. The aim: to guide a flower across 60 seasonal themed levels, each accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack.

Shuffle Party
Cost: Free

Play for Xbox Live Achievements from your Nokia Lumia with this free bowling game. It requires more skill, and is more rewarding than you think. Your Xbox Live avatar can even  join in the fun. Great!